The Shankly Way is a Liverpool fansite initiated by Aaron Cawley, and co-owned by Stephen Lindell. We focus on giving you opinionated articles on Liverpool Football Club – whether that be on transfers, players or the manager – to occasional match content.

We started off back in November 2015 as a rookie site – we had a small group of writers who would deliver us articles at least once a week. But as we struggled for content, we all came tot he decision to end the site and bring it back in the summer of 2016

And so, it has proved to be a huge success. We’ve had many writers join us, and views have soared as a result. With our slick new logo and banner on the site – expect big things to come from The Shankly Way..


We use WordPress as the site’s host – and we are on a paid Personal Plan, costing about $2.99 per month. Themes used on the site are from WordPress. We hope to upgrade to a Premium or Business Plan soon.