One To Worry About

At the start of the season if you were to ask me if Simon Mignolet would be Liverpool’s number one goalkeeper I probably would have asked you what are you smoking.

Mignolet’s career at Liverpool is littered with mistakes, his inability to clear crosses and make simple mistakes have cost Liverpool time and time again. When the 2015/2016 season finished, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp wasted no time in bringing in a new goalkeeper and declared he was his new number one. 

This was no ordinary goalkeeper, Klopp brought in, he was voted the second best goalkeeper in Germany by his peers last season,  finishing behind Manuel Neuer, which in itself is nothing to be ashamed of.

All was set for the new season, Mignolet had been ousted by a new younger contender and the centre of defence had been improved with the capture of Jöel Matip. As we all know though, football is a funny old game. 

The young contender to date has turned out to be the second coming of Mignolet and if tings don’t improve for him, his career at Anfield could be over, before it even starts.  

Loris Karius, hasn’t set the Premier Legaue alight. He has fallen in to the Mignolet bracket of not being able to do the simple things right and because of this some fans have doubted his ability and his longevity at Liverpool. 

Karius’s case isn’t being helped by the fact that young Welsh goalkeeper Danny Ward has done so well at Huddersfield this season. Ward is undoubtedly one for the future, a goalkeeper who has impressed no matter where he’s gone. And it’s only a matter of time before he’s pushing for the number in spot at Liverpool.

Some will say, Ward isn’t just ready to challenge but, being close to the same age as Karius, it’s only a matter of time before he’s given his chance to impress.  

With Ward in such fine form, Karius, for me is the one with the most to lose. This off season, he has to somehow recapture the form that saw him get a move to Liverpool last season. 

He needs to show Klopp that he has the ability to permentally keep Mignolet on the Liverpool bench, if not he could find himself been the one on loan next season with Ward and Mignolet fighting it out for the number one jersey at Liverpool. 

If not, I would like to see Ward move to a Premier League club on loan next season. My club of preference would be Newcastle United, simply because of the Rafa Benitez effect.  He’s the one manager in the league I trust to bring Ward on to the next level. 

Written by @TheMoanyOne

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