Lucas Levia To Testimonial Or Not

Lucas Levia – be objective, there’s four words I just can’t do. Over the last week or so a question has been asked on social media; does Lucas Levia deserve a testimonial match at the end of this season. Surprisingly the simple answer is yes.

Why? Well it’s simple, he’s been at the club 10 years and has played under 5 managers with somewhat distinction, has never sullied the name of the club and most importantly of all, the club owes it to him.

I’m having none of the whole he’s not good enough for a testimonial match, bullshit, the facts are simple;

  1. He’s played at Liverpool for 10 years
  2. Since 2007 he has played to date 342 games for Liverpool FC
  3. He has played (fooled) arguably two of the greatest managers to ever manage Liverpool in to thinking he is a professional footballer
  4. While the fans might not like him, he’s highly respected by his peers

If Lucas stays at Liverpool next season, he will be in his 11th season at Liverpool having signed from Grēmio in 2007, so technically he falls in to the category of having a testimonial and if he’s sold (please god) in the summer, after 10 years service at the club, I still think he deserves a testimonial.

I hear you say John Barnes was 10 years at the club and didn’t get one, same with Sami Hyypia, what’s so different about Lucas. Nothing. There’s nothing different about him. Nothing special at all. The fact that he’s still a Liverpool player baffles me. 

The only difference between Lucas, Barnes and Hyypia is this, of Lucas stays for an extra 365 days at Liverpool he’d have stayed 365 days longer than either Barnes or Hyypia and would be more deserving than them of a testimonial. 

Look I’m not going to pretend Lucas is world class, we, as fans all know how bad a player Lucas is, on his worst days, it’s like Liverpool are playing against 12 men. At his best, Lucas doesn’t commit a stupid foul that leads to a goal. 

I’m not one for normally slating players, but Lucas, for me should have been sold ahead of the likes of Javier Mascherano, Momo Sissoko and Xabi Alonso, 3 players that fortified the Liverpool midfield in the last 10 years. 

In saying all that, 342 games at the one club is an impressive stat for any player, not many players in the modern Premier League era amass that many games for one club, let alone stay with one for 10 years.
In the time Lucas has spent at Liverpool, only 2 players have been longer servants at the club than him and both those players are from Liverpool.

You can argue that Lucas’s time at Liverpool hasn’t been a success, but is that down to Lucas or the players around him? After all, he can only play with what’s beside him. 

He’s not the type of player to go on a mazy run and beat 5 or 6 players but he’s finished second in the Premier League twice, being to a Europa League final, won a domestic trophy and visited Wembley on a few occasions.

For a player of Lucas’s calibre, I think looking back at that, he’s done very well for himself. He’s also played with some of the worlds best players while at Liverpool.

While Lucas is no world beater, apart from Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, has any other Liverpool player served the club with such distinction over the last 10 years?  

If there is let me know because they are few and far between, and this is the main reason I’d like to see Lucas get a much deserved testimonial. 

Written by @TheMoanyOne 

One thought on “Lucas Levia To Testimonial Or Not

  1. Lucas Levia is a loyal servent to Liverpool he’s been with us for 10yrs he certainly should get a testimonial he deserves one there’s not many players stay at one club do a decade any more he’s more than proved his loyalty I personally would love to see him here nest season


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