What A Man, Mamadou Is.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, actually it’s been a while since I’ve written about Liverpool full stop. 


Unfortunately life has gotten in my way and the site has suffered because of it. I’ve tried to get articles from people but if I’m not bothered with it this weather, why should anyone else be.

Anyways back to this topic. The one, the only Mamadou Sakho. 

Liverpool lost to Crystal Palace last weekend 2-1, thanks to in part, mistakes by Dejan Lovren, Natanial Clyne and James Milner but all the mistakes were forgotten thanks to Sakho

I love Sakho, both as a player and as a person. He always seems to want to do the right thing, but at times, it seems he try’s to hard and it backfires on him.

If he leaves Liverpool this summer, his career at Liverpool will be remembered as a failure, a failed drugs test, an embarrassing trip to America and a hand gesture with ex Liverpool striker Christian Benteke has all sullied the career of for me Liverpool’s best centre back in the last 10 years.

Like many Liverpool fans I was hoping for a Joël Matip and Mamadou Sakho centre back partnership this season. 

Both players are big and strong and capable of playing from the back. Something it seemed Jürgen Klopp expected from all his players but especially from his back four. 

Alas, it never happened. Sakho failed a drugs test after the Manchester United quarter final win in last years Europa League and immediately withdrew himself from contention as a Liverpool player while his B sample was being tested, for me that was the right thing to do. 

As the sample fiasco raged on, it turned out that Sakho was innocent. He hadn’t failed a drugs test and UEFA were wrong.
Sakho, who was recovering from a hamstring injury accompanied Klopp and the Liverpool first team on their role season tour of America. 

All was looking well for Sakho, he was back where he belonged and it looked as if Liverpool finally had two quality centre backs and with Loris Karius in goal the holes of previous years looked plugged.

Then, Alcatraz happened and Sakho shot himself in the foot. His childish and immature behaviour has become too much for Klopp and Sakho was banished home to Liverpool to work on his fitness in the gym alongside Mario Ballotelli.

Banished to the U-23’s for the first half of this season, Sakho, worked hard, helped the management and the coaches with the young players and led by example.

It had it seemed learned from his mistakes in the summer and instead of being the class clown, he focused on his football. 

With injuries to Lovren, Matip and Ragnar Klaven, it was scripted that Sakho would come back in to the team and save the day but Klopp had different plans. He drafted in Lucas and the rest as they say is history. 

Back to last weekends defeat. Liverpool’s fragile mentality against the lesser teams and Palace in fairness made them pay for their frailty. 

Benteke came back to haunt Liverpool scoring 2 goals but it was his celebration alongside Sakho that irked a lot of the Liverpool faithful.

Many called Sakho out for it and Liverpool fans being Liverpool fans resorted to abusing the player.

In my opinion Sakho did nothing wrong. Whilst he is still technically a Liverpool player, he is currently on loan with Palace. Liverpool still hold his registration but he is currently contracted to Palace. His team scored an important equaliser and he celebrated, its as simple as that. 

I’m not arsed by it, some said it showed defiance to Liverpool and was disrespectful to both Jürgen Klopp and the Liverpool fan base I don’t think so. For me it would have been worse if he didn’t celebrate it. 

What Klopp has to decide on now is this, does he forgive Sakho for what happened last season and let things lie or does he blow £50 million on Virgil Van Dijk? For me I hope it’s the first one but my gut says it’s the latter.

Written by @TheMoanyOne

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