Fans scattered fume

In recent weeks it has come back to the fore for many Liverpool fans having gone away for a couple of months previously yet we all know it’s just there lurking under the skin. 

What am I talking about?

That fans fume that we see so regular now regarding Liverpool.

It includes everything from performance and trips to La Manga to the owners and the manager and everytthing in between.

I don’t follow other clubs on twitter so I can’t say with 100% absolution but to me it seems that there is a pocket of fans that always seem to come out after a poor defeat or lack of a signing to vent their anger then disappear again just as quickly when the team is doing well.

In recent weeks the main topic of fans ire has been the lack of signings in the transfer window. 

This has gotten to such a point that the manager must have felt it necessary to put himself in the firing line by answering questions about missed targets etc during press conferences. 

Something which he usually would not talk about.

We all know the players that were linked but what didn’t get enough attention also is the fact that those players either decided to move else where or the manager decided not to go through with the transfer.

Jürgen Klopp has himself indicated that one of our recent top targets that ended up at PSG was more interested in how much money a club could offer him.

Did this appease our fans? For some it did not. The same player went on to score a couple of goals lately and all  we have to listen to know is “how good would he have been at Liverpool if only FSG  had  spent the cash”.

No mention in those rants is given to the fact that Klopp pulled the plug on the player essentially because he felt he was greedy and not focused enough on his football and career.

That’s just one example.

Next is the ire directed at some of the players we do have. Dejan Lovren for example has been the butt of many jokes and alot or criticism lately until he got injured. 

Now those same fans seem to forget they wanted him sold at the start of this season as they are now lauding his expected return from injury just in time to kick Lucas out of the team.

He’s back in training but I didn’t expect him to play against Arsenal last weekend as Jürgen Klopp usually likes to make sure players are 100% before throwing them back in. As it turned out, Lovren made the bench.

Lucas got alot of stick after the Leicester game and now we have to put up with people talking about Lovren return like it’s a new signing or something. 

I’ve never seen Lovren to be as bad as some on here do but neither do I think he’s gotten a whole lot better while he’s been out injured either.

Next we have the FSG OUT brigade. 

I’m not telling anyone that they are not entitled to their own opinions on this matter. 

What I am saying is to be very careful what you wish for in this regard also. 

A few seasons ago we all seen what happened with Chelsea and Manchester City when they sold up to big money. 

We delighted in the teasing of them losing their souls as as club and selling out. 

Plastics the name being thrown around all too often. 

We at Liverpool would never sell out or lose our identity in the way we judged them to have done. 

Move on a few seasons now and  my time line seems to be full of anti FSG accounts and supporters. 

More and more calling for big investors from China and the Middle East to come and “save” our club from these dangerous Americans we have.

Like I said everyone entitled to their opinion but please make up your mind on this and try to stick to it for more than 3 seasons.

Do we really want someone to walk it Anfield from China, throw a billion squid on the table and start changing managers every other season and buy players that come for the money and  stay a while then go without a fleeting look in the rear view mirror??

Do we want those aging mercanaries of players to come to Liverpool for a last big pay day and Swan around the pitch not giving a shit?

FSG have a plan in place. Jürgen Klopp knew this when he took the job on. 

He is aware of the direction the club wants to go and he’s decided it suits him and he suits us enough to go along with it.

He has taken control of the much maligned transfer committee. The same committee that was being blamed under the previous manager for most of the club’s problems.

He has decided what players he will go after and if after he speaks to them he decided not to go ahead he didn’t. 

He has come out again this week to talk about transfer targets and even gone so far as to explain that not once since his arrival at Liverpool has he ever been told that a player he has spoken about is too expensive.

Jürgen Klopp is the only man available in football right now that suits our club and is capable of working for the good of it along with both owners and supporters. 

He sees both sides of the debate but he is also very much his own man and won’t be bullied into buying players just to appease fans.

This has to be applauded and cherished because the flip side of that coin is a manager that would spend money willy nilly buy the wrong players, get sacked and leave the club in as big a mess as when he started. 

I don’t think anyone wants that either.

Patience is a word thrown about about lot but these days it’s not understood much and Klopp needs his time to do his work.

He taken part in changing the club from the inside out from team and backroom staff to training facilities etc. 

He’s here for the long haul and speaks about the club with such passion regularly that we seem to miss it at times.

For now FSG are the only players in town.

I hope our fan base doesn’t become the laughing stock like some other high profiles club have become and I never want to hear Liverpool being accused of selling out for trophies and being called plastics. 

We do it our way as we always have done. To lead is not always to be popular but it does take the  right men at the right time to make the hard decisions and to also have a tough skin to take the criticism also.

I welcome a manager and owners that don’t pander to the here and now brigade and have a vision for the club and are willing to stick it out to see it through.

Through good times and bad we hold our heads up high and remember we are Liverpool Football Club.

We win and loose but we never give up and give in.

Written by @StephenKing75

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