What’s Going On Emre Can

Note; this article was written before Can’s dominant display against Arsenal, but content of article should be considered in relation to games before Arsenal. 

Emre Can, the mere mention of his name causes a divide amongst the Liverpool fan base. Those who like him, will defend him staunchly, while those who don’t rate him will stick the knife in at any given opportunity.

Can over the last 6 months has regressed. Gone is the player who tore Villareal apart in last seasons Europa League and what’s replaced that Can, is a player who is more reminiscent of Alberto Moreno’s horror show against Sevilla. 

Where has it gone wrong for Can?

Has the added pressure of trying to retain his place ahead of Adam Lallana and Georginio Wijnaldum caused him to doubt himself or is there something the fans aren’t being told by the club. 

We know that Can this season has been plauged injuries and as yet, the club are yet to find a cause for these injuries. This is something Jürgen Klopp eluded to recently. 

As a young professional footballer, this thought must be nawing in Can’s head and could be another reason why his head has dropped so spectacularly this season.


For me though I think there’s a simpler reason. He’s been overplayed. While on a podcast a few weeks ago with @PodcastingCouch, I mentioned the amount of football Can has played since he signed with the club.

I’m not talking about football with Liverpool, I’m talking about football with Germany. 

Since Can signed for Liverpool in the summer of 2014, since then he has played in a summer competition in  both 2015 and 2016.

No other Liverpool player has played as much football as Can over the last 3 years and for me this is the reason why his performances are beginning to suffer this season.

His body is wrecked, and if your body isn’t functioning correctly then your mind won’t either. 

Can needs a long rest and hopefully this summer he gets the time off he needs to fully recouperate and be back for pre season 100% ready to reclaim his place in the Liverpool team. 

Written by @TheMoanyOne 

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