New Striker Please.

So even before we get to the end of the season one of the biggest questions everyone seems to be speculating about is “what is going to happen to Daniel Sturridge and are we going to buy a new striker?”

Firstly I think it’s rather obvious at this stage that Sturridge will be moved on in the summer.

As a result of firstly wanting more playing time himself and also he now knows that manager Jürgen Klopp simply does not fancy him for his type of team.

It should actually mean a move suiting both parties and a relatively amicable one at that. Sturridge will I think thrive somehwere else where the team tactics suit him.

Klopp will be left with Divock Origi and Danny Ings as his choices up top.

Not only does it look poor on paper it is poor for a team looking to get back into the Champions League and mount a serious title challenege next year also.

So it’s no wonder that in recently the manager has hinted that his backroom team are already hard at work with the club officials in earmarking new signings for next season and already working on deals for those concerned where possible.

My question here is “will Klopp sign an out and out striker or another pacey attacker that drops deep?”

We all know he likes his mobile energetic attackers and those who work hard tracking back too.

Recently in the ill fated cup games both Origi and Sturridge got game time and a chance to once again impress the manager. Which I have to say yet again both failed miserably.

Was it because they simply are not good enough,or was it because when they played they tended to stay up top more often thus meaning the defenders always dropped deeper to mark them.

More the latter I believe. 

When they stayed further up top (as is their natural tenancy to do so) the defender obviously stayed with them. 

This had the knock on effect in my view of dragging the while opposition team deeper and the result meant we were unable to break down this compact defence as a result.

This for me poses the big question for Jürgen Klopp come the time to go buy his new recruits this summer.

Does he buy a striker of top class but that is used to playing from the front or go for another player like Mané that he can use from deeper but with the same good finishing?

Lacazette, Aubameyang, Inaki Williams are only a few of the names being talked about.

The first two are undoubted finishers but they are also predominantly up top strikers. Williams is pacey and more mobile. So also is Dembele at Celtic.

Does Jürgen Klopp want to risk another  season of trying to bed in a striker to his plans when it’s unnatural for that player at first?

Those cup games showed a weakness for me. Most people consider we can’t break down a compact defence and we have no plan B. 

Myself, while I partially agree with both I think the biggest problem we have is when we play a striker right up top it has the knock on effect of dulling our potent attackers from the final third.

Their pace and movement is nullified cos when they win the ball back instead of breaking against the last one or two defenders with their pace they still have a whole set defence in place.

If the strikers were not there to keep those defenders occupied so deep Mané and Co would be able to cut loose more often.

So while I do see the need for a more clinical finisher with the calibre of Sturridge and the others mentioned I also belive we could possibly go for more attackers in the bracket of Williams and Dembele.

Young, fast, strong and used to working harder and dropping into midfield more often.

I won’t be surprised if  we don’t buy that big name striker even though I do love a star up front.

I would be just as happy to see a player come into the fold that can hit the ground running just like Mané has done this season and who can finish and get into the box from deep.

Maybe the long term plan is to push Sadio Mané forward into that role more along with Firmino who Klopp also seems to love trying up top too.

So a forward line next season of 5-6 fast and mobile players might be what we see with the player on form at any one time being given the main role just a little bit forward at the tip of the attack.

My last word on this is to give a special mention to the Bhoy Dembele at Celtic. I think he fits the bill perfectly and has all the attributes to be a huge player for us. 

I also believe that he will be plying his trade in the premier league very soon and if not for Liverpool then the team that does buy him will have a top player for many years to come.

Written by @StephenKing75

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