My Anfield experience

We left London early on the train up to Liverpool for the Tottenham game. The early morning rise is always worth it regardless if we win or not. The journey always goes so quick when your looking forward to watching the game

It’s always an added bonus travelling up with the supporters of the opposition the banter we have, not to mention bumping into to fellow Liverpool supporters I know from previous journeys .

We visited the Liverpool shop to get a match programme always nice to have something to read on the way back .

We then went to the “flat iron” pub to meet up with some friends for a couple of pre match drinks. We then moved onto “The Park” before going into Anfield , nice to meet up with friends we chat about what we think we’ll play like who’s in the team will the crowd be up for it .

We got to the ground early to watch the players warm up, take photos and to soak in the atmosphere. From this I could tell we were up for this. 

Also within the first few minutes of the game you can get this feeling to how the game could possible pan out. So was hoping we would be buzzing.

The crowd were electric we were in the Anfield Road end Lower stand for this game. It felt like we kept the players going with all the singing and support.  

When we sing “you’ll never walk alone” it really makes you feel part of something special the goose bumps and emotions felt it’s second to none.

The cheers and support throughout is always so infectious. The first goal was fab and to score again within a couple of minutes was amazing. The excitment was felt all around the ground, it was fantastic. We won 2-0.

The atmosphere after the game is always so vibrant even more so today the crowd never stopped singing along with the he kop leading the way, what was always good.

The out singing of the away fans, one point they sang ” where’s your famous atmosphere” we duely sang back ” where’s your European cups”.

Walking  out with all the fans chanting is also amazing from leaving the ground to getting on the bus . 

However before we boarded the bus we stayed around to see some of the players come out. They are always so welcoming towards the fans and happy to sign our programmes.

Written by @punkyfish96

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