Could Serge Be The Man?

There’s only 28 days in February, but if you were to believe what’s been written in the press, Liverpool have all their targets lined up and manager Jürgen Klopp is going to shoot them down one by one. 

Liverpool have being linked to everyone from Joe Hart to Christian Pulisic. FSG are rumoured to have promised Klopp 5/6 top quality signings in the summer. 

With this news, Liverpool fans are already lining up potential targets, players they would like to come to the club and what positions need strengthening. 

As fans have witnessed over the last 6 weeks, Liverpool seem to be as weak going forward are they are at the back. 

Gone is the free flowing football from the start of the season and what’s left is the Liverpool from last season. A team who seem to be afraid to score a goal.

With Liverpool’s attack coming under the spotlight, it makes sense that Liverpool are being linked with attacking players like Pulisic. After all he plays in Germany and  Klopp knows his strengths and weaknesses from his time at Borussia Dortmund. 

While Pulisic is undoubtedly a very talented player, another similar player to Pulisic, I think Klopp should look at is Werner Bremen winger Serge Gnabry as an alternative to Pulisic if Dortmund don’t want to sell.

I know what you’re thinking, I’ve heard that name before and if you know any Arsenal fan, they’ll tell you about his disastrous time with the Gunners. In his five years at Arsenal, Gnabry made just 10 first team appearances scoring once.

At 21 though, Gnabry has been able to reinvent himself at Werder Bremen. Signed last summer for £5 million, Gnabry’s fortunes and valuation have turned around. 

Gnabry this season has played 18 times for Bremen in the Bundesliga, scored 7 goals, has created 28 chances and has one assist. 

Gnabry has made 343 passes with a successful pass accuracy of 77% and out of his 343 passes 69% of them were forward passes. 

During the January transfer window, Gnabry was linked with a return to London. There was also rumours that Liverpool might be looking at him.

Liverpool are a team that likes to move the ball quickly, and Gnabry would fit in to Klopps system seamlessly. 

He already has Premier League experience with both Arsenal and West Bromwich Albion, so shouldn’t take long to bed back in to the hassle and bustle of the Premier League.

He would add valuable competition to not only Sadio Mané, but Adam Lallana and Philippe Coutinho as well in the Liverpool attack. 

With Liverpool’s squad depth coming under mounting pressure, having Gnabry in the squad would add untold quality to what is a poor Liverpool squad this season. 

Would the signing of Gnabry appease Liverpool fans? I somehow doubt it, but those who watch the Bundesliga on a regular basis are raving about Gnabry, and if he gets a move back to the Premier League, I’d prefer to have him playing for Liverpool than against them. 

Gmabry has turned his fortunes around after a miserable time at Arsenal and in the future is going to be one of the first names on the team sheet for German manager Jocham Low.

With all this in mind, after missing out on Leroy Sané last summer, Klopp needs to get his act together and start hitting those transfer targets early, otherwise Liverpool will be left with the barnacle at the bottom of the barrel yet again.

Written by @TheMoanyOne

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