Possible Shape for Klopp until the rest of the season

I wrote a piece on another Liverpool website, discussing how Jürgen Klopp got it wrong tactically & with his personnel against Hull on Saturday.

The 2-0 defeat has taken us down to 5th, with Manchester City scraping a wholly fortunate win at home to Swansea City. Karma, isn’t it?

I’ve heard the consensus that the inclusion of Emre Can was the reason behind the calamitous defeat at the KOC.

Whilst I definitely agree that bringing Can into the side was yet another repetitive howler on Klopp’s part, blaming Can solely is nonsense.

The whole team have liability to be taking, there’s no point in absolutely anyone hiding behind the smokescreens.

But, the point is, there is clearly something flawed when it comes to the logistics of Jurgen Klopp’s tactics of late – which has resulted in the Reds only taking three points since the turn of the year.

Here, in this article, I’m exploring the possible shape Liverpool could explore for the remainder of the season.

The 3-5-2

This has never been mentioned by Liverpool supporters before, but there’s a possibly the 3-5-2 could function.

It would entail virtually the same side, but the Reds will be much more compact in the middle of the park – a tactic sides have regularly used against Liverpool, and to great avail.


So, above would the side in the aforementioned 3-5-2.

In goal, is Loris Karius. Simon Mignolet may not even possibly have a future come the end of the summer, when Klopp attempts to completely build this Anfield project top to bottom, again. 

Some of the criticism Karius went for during his shaky spell [i.e early winter] was far too savage, to say the last.

Let’s not forget he’s only 22 years of age & last season was deemed as the 2nd best goalkeeper in the Bundesliga, behind Manuel Neuer. If he’s given the precious commodity of time, he could be as good a signing as last year’s statistics implied.

In defence, we may see a back three that was reminiscent of the Brendan Rodgers when we had the 3-4-3 diamond.

However, instead of lining up with one LB, CB & RB, it’s definitely worth trying more than one CB when you have a limited cohort of long-term LBs as opposed to makeshift ones [i.e James Milner]. 

Alberto Moreno could also struggle for first-team next season should Klopp approach a LB – so I’m going to go for a Gomez-Matip-Clyne back three.

I know Joe Gomez isn’t the most established of defenders in our side, but it’s definitely worth giving him some gametime to rebuild his confidence; if Klopp opts to ship him out on loan to a Championship side for next season to get even more gametime for the long-term .

Joel Matip too is indispensible – as the 2014/15 shadow of Dejan Lovren appears to be returning with a vengeance & Ragnar Klavan also becoming rather error-strewn.

Matip’s physicality and composure at the back is a key asset for us – I’m confident he’ll eventually stoop to the heights of his performances earlier this season.

In the midfield, it’s fundamentally the same midfield side that we’ve gotten accustomed to seeing of late. 

IF Klopp eventually sees the light about Emre Can’s consistently poor performances of late, maybe there’s a chance of Wijnaldum being able to offer the same mobility and balance as he did in the curtain raisers of the 4-3-3 system.

On the overlap will be compatriot wingers Coutinho & Mané, who have been labelled as the ace card for Liverpool’s 2016/17 season – and rightly so. 

Mané could be vital in this system’s spine, as his defensive contribution befits his attacking impetus too. His pace is also imperative towards the overlap.

Going forward, it’s been quite a conundrum of late – but not for me it was! Firmino’s been disappointing in the last 1-2 games, but nevertheless, I still think he deserves the opportunity to start central; that is where he’s most effective, after all. 

Playing alongside him is Divock Origi. The Belgian, for me, is the next most reliable striker in Liverpool’s depth – which just about highlights the need for reinforcements during the summer.

Origi can be frustrating when it comes to his decision-making, aptitude to read the game & his individual performances can be poor on certain occasions as well. 

But for me, he’s still got frightening [albeit raw] potential. Daniel Sturridge, I don’t see having a future at the club next season.

On the bench, are pretty much the surplus ones of late. Sheyi Ojo I’ve drafted in on the bench – because I believe he deserves far more opportunities in the first team than what’s been the case. His potential is going completely unnoticed at times.

So, it’s balls in your court Klopp. Bust or change system? Of course there are flaws with this one, but I feel this is the formation of which has our most reliable performers.

Written by @SteLindellLFC


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