Liverpool Hold Chelsea At Anfield.

What can I say about Liverpool that I haven’t already said about them. Against the Premier League leaders, you would expect a big performance from the team especially after the humiliating defeat suffered last weekend against Wolves, but it wasn’t to be.

While the team started brightly, after 15 minutes it looked like they had run out of steam. Playing through the middle time after time, they made the Chelsea’s defenders jobs easy tonight. 

Liverpool rearly threatened the Chelsea goal except for a few pot shots from outside the area, that my 6 year old would save, it seemed like a repeat of Saturday was on the cards. 

To be honest, when Chelsea scored through a David Luiz free kick, I expected the floodgates to open. What Simon Mignolet was at in the lead up to the free kick, only him and god know that. I’d say even Karius had his head in his hands when the free kick went in. 

If you want to learn how not to set up for a free kick I suggest you watch Chelsea’s goal over and over again. It was comicial, but when it comes to Mignolet I expect nothing less. 

Liverpool’s performance was that bad, that Emre Can had arguably his best game in a Liverpool shirt since Halloween. 

He must have been reading some of the comments about him online because, even though he gave the ball away on a number of occasions, he out played both Jordan Henderson and Georginio Wijnaldum. That’s no real claim to fame either. 

Up front Liverpool were toothless with Adam Lallana, running around like a headless chicken at times, Philippe Coutinho looked rustier than a nuns chasity belt and as for Firmino, I’m dumbfounded. 

Over the space of the 97 minutes he had the 2 beat opportunities of the game, yet wasted them both. Ok well maybe the second one was unlucky, but the first one, well there’s no forgiving that miss. 

Liverpool were a shambles all over the pitch, I said at half time I couldn’t pick out a single player who I could give credit to. And the same could be said at 90 mins. 

Even the ever reliable Joël Matip had a nightmare, giving away a penalty after Lovren had made a complete fuck up attempting to tackle an on running Costa. Thankfully for Liverpool Costa wasted the penalty opportunity with the tamest of tame penalties.

Liverpool did get a goal though, in what was the only decent move they produced in the game. A pass form Henderson was met by Milner who headed it in to the box and up popped Wijnaldum to score his first goal of 2017 for Liverpool. Another headed goal and another goal at Anfield.

One other plus for Liverpool was the return of Sadio Mané who came on to replace Coutinho. 

With Hull coming up at the weekend, Klopp needs to sort out this system he is using at the minute. 

Lallana doesn’t work in the forward role, not one of the midfield trio stood out against Chelsea with Can being the best of the bunch. Lovren, well Lovren was just Lovren, shite. 

Klopp needs to come up with a new formula for Liverpool. The one he is currently using isn’t working anymore. Teams have figured Liverpool out. 

Whether he goes 4-2-3-1 instead of his usual 4-3-3 only time will tell, but as I’ve said before, he needs to do something now otherwise this season is just a write off and more fans will start to turn on him. 

Oh and Liverpool got a brand new bus and it’s very pretty. 

Written by @TheMoanyOne

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