One Week, 2 Defeats, No More Cups

Half an hour after the game I’m still trying to come to terms with what I witnessed at Anfield against Wolves. I could use words like shite, disgusting, poor, wank, garbage, but there is no words to describe how Liverpool went out of the FA Cup to Wolves.

Liverpool weren’t even close to being at the races today. They were sluggish, devoid of ideas and most of all wasteful with the ball. Wolves have done what Swansea, Southampton and Plymouth have done to Liverpool this January, sat back, played on the counter and scored goals. 

There are very few players that could hold their heads high today, Ben Woodburn and maybe Loris Karius, but the rest should hang their heads in shame. They let themselves, the manager and the fans down. 

Wolves for their part were magnificent, they came in to the game with a plan and stuck with it. They harried and harassed Liverpool at every opportunity and forced them in to making stupid mistake after stupid mistake. 

They patiently defended and then broke with pace and sent the Liverpool defence in to a panic. 

Imagine 53 seconds in to the game and Liverpool were 1-0 down and it went from bad to worse after that. Liverpool at one stage had over 80% possession, had 3 shots but none on target and that was the way the first half went. Wolves sat back, Liverpool played sideways passes over and back the pitch. 

Klopp introduced Philippe Coutinho in the second half but even he, could not help Liverpool break down a resolute Wolves defence.

Liverpool didn’t have their first shot on target until the 60th minute and even that was an easy save for the young Wolves goalkeeper. 

Origi gave Liverpool some hope with an easy goal on the 85th minute but instead of panicking Wolves stuck to their game plan and kept forcing Liverpool to long shots from 25-30 yards out. 

With Chelsea coming up on Tuesday night I really fear for Liverpool. Chelsea are on fire and Liverpool are well shite at the minute. So far this month they have played 8 games, conceeded 10 goals and only beat Plymouth Argle thanks to a rare goal from Lucas Levia. 

Something needs to change and it needs to happen quickly. With only a few days left in the transfer market, Klopp might be forced to dip in to it, otherwise this season is over. In fact defeat to Chelsea next week and Liverpool will do well to make Europe at all next season. 

Written by @TheMoanyOne

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