Swansea was shite – How do we use it?

I’m not going to go back into that game. We all know what happened, there’s a match review on this site. Liverpool lost a game.

Liverpool lost a game that it was completely unacceptable to lose. Liverpool did the unthinkable, and it’s a sad statement about the past couple of decades that none of us were shocked, even if disappointed.

After a few pessimistic years, I’ve been ultra-positive this season. I said after Bournemouth that we will learn a lesson and can’t win every week. 

I said after West Ham that okay this our blip but it won’t last forever. I said after Sunderland that it isn’t our fault we had to play two games in 43 hours.

But even for me and many others who have refused a knee-jerk reaction earlier in the season, Saturday was a killer. Anything other than three points was unacceptable, a loss unthinkable.

The media narrative is that we struggle against the smaller sides at home, but we’ve already dispatched West Brom, Stoke, Watford, Hull, Sunderland and Leicester at home.

To be confident of a win wasn’t misplaced arrogance, rather justified confidence given the two sides positions and our home records.

And then, for whatever reason, we got that. Shite.

Lots has been made of it, and rightly so. Shouts like “Typical Liverpool”, “A, B and C aren’t good enough” and “that’s the league over” have been bounced around and a result like that makes even the ultra-positive fan consider them far more than they have ever done before.

From this position, it is very hard to imagine us going on to win the title. Given the tripe we’ve had served to us for the past twenty years, it did have the wiff of what has come to be known as a Liverpool type performance.

What happens now is what will make or break the season. It’s all about the reactions. Klopp is big on reactions. After both cup final defeats, he talked about using those defeats in the future and refusing to take it lying down. After both of those games, we got a good reaction.

After the league cup final, we had players back and went on a decent run in the league and eventually the Europa League, starting with a 3-0 win over Manchester City. After the Europa League final, we started the season like a house on fire, going to the Emirates and winning.

This must happen again. I can’t speak for the fan base, but for me Swansea was the lowest I’ve felt since those two games. The reaction is key.

If we use Swansea as a lesson, it can kick start a complacent free second half of the season. It can ensure we never turn up not arsed about defending again. 

It can ensure we never turn up thinking a game is won before it’s kicked off. It can ensure we as fans never turn up to the game thinking we aren’t needed as they (the players) have got this.

If we let that result swallow us up and they become shadows of what they were on the pitch and we become pessimistic moaners off it, the second half of the season could turn ugly.

The result and some individual performances were abysmal, but we know they are capable of better. 

Dejan Lovren and Ragnar Klavan can defend, we’ve seen it against Manchester United a week ago and Manchester City weeks before.

For whatever reason, we did not turn up on Saturday, and it simply cannot happen again.

If we use it as a cruel lesson to spur us on, there’s plenty left for us to play for this season. At the very least, given the work that’s been put in during the first half of the season, champions league football and a cup can be the aim.

It starts with a huge game on Wednesday. Let’s use Swansea on and off the field and book a place at Wembley.

Written by @JackMitchell_5

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