Are Liverpool The New Arsenal?

This is something I’ve thought about over the last number of weeks. The fact that Liverpool are yet to win a game since before the start of the year in the league, is very Arsenal like.

Fans go on about failings of individual players, laying the blame for poor results solely at their feet. In Liverpool’s latest Premier League defeat to Swansea, Nathanial Clyne, Dejan Lovren and Ragnar Klaven were at fault for the goals, depending of course on which fans you talk to.

Lovren is a player that conflicts a lot of fans, bought from Southampton for £25 million, he was seen to be a replacement for Jamie Carragher.

While at times this season he has looked a competentish defender, especially along side Joël Matip, for me he’s simply not good enough to be a Liverpool starter.

He is error prone and has a mistake in him every time he touches the ball. If you say this to certain fans, they turn on you. He reminds me of Lucas.

For some fans he has God like status because of that goal last season against Borussia Dortmund. But over the last couple of seasons he has made more defensive errors than Alberto Moreno, just let that sink in.

It’s no secret Liverpool need an improvement in the centre back area of the pitch. Jürgen Klopp has already shifted out young Portuguese defender Tiago Ilori and it looks like Mamadou Sakho is also on his way out the Liverpool door.

When it’s confirmed that both players have left the club, for me it’ll be a sad day. Sakho and Matip as a centre back pairing, was something I was looking forward to, watching it develop over time.

Both are big, strong defenders, who are not afraid to run forward with the ball and who do not like to make a back pass.

With their height and strength they would easily out muscle any of the Premier League’s big strikers.

With Klavan looking like he is going to be left in the doldrums of the Liverpool bench, the only other Liverpool centre back available is Joe Gomez.

Is Klopp willing to throw him in at the deep end forcing him to sink or swim, or is he going to stick with Lovren as Matip’s defensive partner. Only time will tell.

Personally if Sakho is a non runner I would stick Gomez in beside Matip. Gomez, while still being a young defender, along side Matip he could learn a lot.

While I have only seen him in cup games against lesser teams, I fully believe he deserves the chance to prove he has what it takes to be Matip’s long term partner at the heart of the Liverpool defence.
Over the last few weeks, Liverpool have spluttered to draws against Sunderland and Manchester United, managed a fluky draw against Plymouth in the FA Cup and suffered a humiliating defeat to bottom of the table Swansea City.

Liverpool look like a team in decline. Instead of pushing Chelsea for the title, they’re struggling to put 3 passes together on the pitch, which over the past few season is something Arsenal have done on a consistent basis.

Arsenal push hard in the first half of the season only to see their hard work undone in the second half of the season. This is something Liverpool are currently doing.

What’s to blame for this? Klopp? Injuries?  AFCON? Bad luck? Poor refereeing decisions? Who knows. When all players are fit, Liverpool have a squad to match the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City but when was the last time Liverpool had a fully fit squad?

Klopps refusal to bring anyone in this January is very Wenger like. Like Wenger he prefers to use what he has at his disposal instead of freshening up the squad and this is something I personally fear will come back to haunt Liverpool come May.

If Liverpool can not get out of this slump, come the end of February Liverpool’s season will be over. And then who’s fault will it be? FSG’s or Klopp’s? Fans will go with blaming FSG but if Klopp won’t spend the cash available to him well……… you catch my drift.

Liverpool have the real possibility of becoming this season’s Arsenal, blowing it when it really matters and this will not sit well with fans.

I know we had little or no expectations at the start of the season but Klopp’s team has given us a taste of a title challenge and this is something Klopp should be pushing for.

If not then are we happy finishing fourth and getting in to next season’s Champions League. Will that be seen as a victory by fans? If it is, then we’ve already become the modern day Arsenal.

Written by @TheMoanyOne

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