May is a long way away

As ever, context is key. Tell us two weeks ago that we take 10 points from 12 over the TV battered festive period, we’d have been more than happy.  

That those two dropped points weren’t against Manchester City, has left Liverpool fans bickering on Twitter about how we either aren’t good enough, or Klopp is the Emperor that hasn’t realised he’s bollocko in the middle of town.

The last 24 hours has seen some of our own fans sounding so bitter with their lot, they could be mistaken for an Evertonian. 

I’m not saying I’m thrilled, I watched it with the most pessimistic Red I know and I was steaming, but in bigger picture terms there’s a long way to go.  Eighteen more games in fact, 27 hours of football plus stoppages. 

There are teams further back than us. Regardless of results, we will still be second by the time Chelsea and Spurs finishes (or finished, depending on how quickly this goes onto the site). 

If you believe that any of Arsenal, City, United or Spurs can catch Chelsea, then why not us? It may not be, and as I’ve mentioned before I’m not really convinced myself, but I’m willing to enjoy the ride.

I’m typing this in a hotel bar, and again, context is key. I intended to write something with a slightly different tone, but then Bournemouth stuck two past Arsenal and have the lead at half-time. 

Arsenal may not be my finest example, consistently jibbing off title charges for almost as long as we have now, with a set of fans that could make ours look like U.N. Peacekeepers. Yet they are considered title contenders, and if you are more negatively inclined, they will finish above us.  Some people yesterday used the argument that Arsenal or Chelsea wouldn’t lose to Bournemouth or Sunderland.

They may still find a way back, there’s 45 minutes left. We’re told that 45 minutes is a long time in football. (They did, in fact drawing 3-3 thanks to Oliver Giroud) That being the case, what the fuck is 27 hours? It’s five months. It’s into May and whatever it may bring.

Someone is bound to point out the obvious, yes Bournemouth beat us, but we were told it wouldn’t happen to anyone else in the top six. It might you know.

Chelsea will lose at some point, could have by the time anyone sees this. If they do, we’re still best placed to make the most of it. We’ve reeled in bigger leads before, as have others. Teams have combusted before. Players, as we know, get injured.

After all the teams that I’ve seen play over the years at Anfield, this one isn’t that bad. Perhaps that’s why there is such frustration, they did the hard yards and then drew a game that they should have won.

Forget the referee and the fact that the game started whilst Klopp was giving his team-talk at half time against City. There were plenty of chances to win that game, Mannone in their goal isn’t having a game like that again this season. 

Yes we looked leggy, yes Mignolet kept us level after the first penalty, but should still have won.  Had plenty of chances to do just that. That in itself should give us some hope. 

If we can turn up still half asleep and make a fist of a game against a team who were determined to dog it out, God help everyone else when we’re fit in those last 18 games. 

Ten fifteen minutes into the second half and Arsenal are still two now three down! I’m off whilst there’s still some semblance of sense to this rambling shite.

The fat lady isn’t singing yet, she hasn’t even started gargling, enjoy the rest of the show folks.

Written by @BigLee01


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