Liverpool V Manchester City Preview 

Somehow I doubt this is going to be a scoreless draw.

As we head into the New Year’s Eve game, fans of both Liverpool and Manchester City will probably feel optimistic and nervous in equal measure.
From a Man City perspective, this is simply a must win game – we lose and we’ll probably be 10 points behind Chelsea afterwards.

I suspect that need for a win also applies to Liverpool.

We’re both lagging behind league leaders Chelsea – us by seven points, ‘Pool by six – and if either team loses it will result in a significant dent in our title hopes.

I make no bones about it: I am extremely nervous about this game.

I’m nervous about our defence, big time.

Guardiola has played some superb football, especially in the first few games of the season, but we went on a brutal run in November and early December and the changes in our defence contributed massively to that slump.

Even now, with three league wins in a row having scored seven and conceded just one. our defence still look dodgy.

Pep has a habit of playing Kolarov as a centre half and if that happens on Saturday, we will likely be in real trouble – especially if Stones is absent.

The idea of our probable back four of Sagna, Otamendi, Kolarov and Clichy against Liverpool’s fluid front three frankly frightens me. And then there is Claudio Bravo. Hmmm.

But enough of the negatives. City have, perversely, plenty to be optimistic about for the game.

Liverpool’s defence looks to be shaky as well and your keeper problem is nearly, nearly, as bad as ours.

And what an attack we have.

Aguero is thankfully back. Sterling – the player you love to hate – is in fine form and will be eager to wind you up by scoring at the Kop end.

Then we have the wonder that is Kevin de Bruyne – not to mention David Silva.

So, nervously, I say bring it on.

It will probably be one of those games that we watch from behind a cushion.

Anything could happen. Try to enjoy it – I know I won’t.

Score Prediction: Liverpool 2-4 Manchester City

Written by @mickthehack

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