Henderson – An Appreciation 

As I watched the Derby unfold on TV the other night I did as I always do, I took a look at twitter to see what my fellow LFC fans were tweeting about the game.

I was struck by a number of negative comments directed towards Jordan Henderson and his apparent love of the sideways pass. Or comments such as he’s gone missing etc etc.

Now I’m not Henderson’s biggest fan. I like his work rate, I like his ‘get on with it’ attitude and I like the way he has embraced playing for the club. 

Are their better midfielders out there? Well probably yes but I feel its time to defend him slightly here.

As we all know the 4-3-3 formation is attack minded. When added to Klopp’s philosophy of press anything that moves whether you have the ball or your mate on the other side of the pitch has it it can be formidable.

The 4-3-3 also allows and insists on the full backs getting forward. This a) Floods the midfield and b) causes distraction amongst the opposition as the first 3 move about which in turn allows the full backs to get the ball in. We have been doing this perfectly this season.
But to allow the full backs to attack you need someone to a) give them the ball and b) cover the space that they vacate when the attack breaks down and Henderson has been doing a grand job of both.

Georginio Wijnaldum’s role is slightly different. He is the ‘knitter’ just in front of the first 3. 

He tidy’s up and prompts the next attack.  Adam Lallana given his work rate and energy compliments it all by having the freedom of the pitch. 

All 3 of the ‘second’ 3 press as a unit which allows the front 3 to wreak havoc.

It is unfair to single out Henderson out for criticism. He, like most players is given a specific role and I’ll be honest, I think he’s been great at it. 

The 4-3-3 is based on constant movement. Attack space, defend space. 

Make sure the opposition never quite know who’s going to get the ball next. But as I have said above for it to work you need the ‘water carrier’. You need the sweeper upper who when he gets the ball instigates the next attack, which as a rule has been started by Clyne or Milner.
Perhaps we need to appreciate Henderson more. Klopp and Buvac etc are not daft. They know how important he is to this approach and maybe we need to give him some credit. We’d miss him if he wasnt here.

Written by @RedWazza1

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