Why I’d Sell Sturridge 

I did some over the weekend I don’t normally do and that’s expressed my opinion about a certain injury prone Liverpool striker,and the reaction of some fans was something to be marvelled at.

This is the offending tweet – “If #lfc got £15 million for Sturridge I’d sell him the fuck!” About 3 minutes after posting this my phone exploded with notifications, many fans tweeted me, some who follow me and some who don’t and the reaction to the tweet was spectacular some fans agreed with me but the majority of those who tweeted me were abusive.

To be honest I don’t know why I expected anything less, certain sections of the Liverpool fan base at times don’t engage their brains before tweeting.

I was called everything from a dip shit – who still uses that phrase, to one of them fans who knows nothing to a shit fan. Their some of the less abusive ones. 

One fan even called on me to deactivate my Twitter account, not mentioning any names here Graeme. 

It seems a certain section of the fan base don’t like negative opinions on certain players but think it’s acceptable to have them on other players.

This isn’t the first time I’ve called for Sturridge to be sold. In November 2015 I did a piece for Anfield Index where I said Liverpool should look to sell Sturridge and get maximum money for the injury prone striker.

Again I was abused from a height by fans. Then something strange happened, people in the press started to think along the same lines as me, maybe Sturridge should be sold by Liverpool, low and behold fans were starting to say the same thing.

As with everything I write it’s my opinion. Unlike some I don’t express my opinion to be controversial, I express it based on facts; 

  • Sturridge isn’t a Klopp kind of player and really doesn’t suit his system of pressing high and defending from the front
  • Sturridge is no longer Liverpool’s main man, with Roberto Firmino, Phillipe Coutinho, Sadio Mané being Klopps preferred front three and having the likes of Ben Woodburn, Divock  Origi, Adam Lallana, James Milner (yes Milner, lets not forget he played the attacking role at both Liverpool and Manchester City), Ovie Ejaria, and Danny Ings (when fit) in reserve Liverpool have an abundance of attacking quality
  • Sturridge hasn’t scored a Premier League goal since April 23rd, that’s coming up to 6 months without a Premier League goal for Liverpool – I didn’t count the summer obviously 
  • Since the start of the 2014/2015 season Sturridge has only played 35 times for Liverpool, 12 times in 2014/2015, 14 times in 2015/2016 and 9 times so far this season.
  • In the same period of time as above Sturridge has not played more than 9 consecutive games for Liverpool

There’s five fact based reasons why I think Liverpool should sell Sturridge. I decided against mentioning his injury record above because that’s too easy.

Since joining Liverpool on January 2nd 2013, Sturridge has had 10 seperate injuries missing a total of 80 games. In the same period of time the injury prone Wayne Rooney has missed a massive 31 games for Manchester United. Puts things in to perspective that fact.

I know Sturridge is the fastest ever Liverpool player to score 50 goals and I know he’s got the best goal to minutes ratio of all the current players at Liverpool, but does that warrant him hanging around the club, for some YES but for me it doesn’t.

Sturridge is living off the 2013/2014 season where he scored 21 goals for Liverpool alongside Luis Suarez. That season he only missed 9 games for Liverpool but he’s been on a downhill slide ever since. 

I’m not saying he’s not a good striker when he’s fit, far from it. When he’s on it, he’s arguably the best striker in England, again does that warrant Liverpool holding on to him, again for me no. 

He needs to go to a side where he’ll be playing week in, week out. A side that will be built around him and where he’ll be the centre of attention, at Liverpool those days are long gone. 

He needs a new challenge, whether it be in England or on the continent and for his own aspirations he needs to leave Liverpool. He won’t be happy playing second fiddle to Origi, a player I think will eclipse Sturridge at Liverpool and having someone with a poor attitude around the club won’t help what Klopp is trying to do at Anfield. 

Here’s a thought to finish off this piece, why do you think Chelsea sold one of the finest strikers in England to a rival team for such a low price? 

Written by @TheMoanyOne

One thought on “Why I’d Sell Sturridge 

  1. Just finished you blog. For what it is worth, I agree. It does not matter how good you’re past is if you cannot what Klopp asks of you week in and week out. BR tried to baby him with rest between games, that did not work. Klopp expects a minimum amount of training sessions just to be with the team, then with the team, full out, with a midweek full out scrimmage, and he obviously cannot make that either. I am afraid he is not worth much anymore anyway. We won’t miss him. He won’t press off the front anyway.


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