Ragnar Klavan – time to step up?

It’s often said that if no one mentions you after the game, if you’re a defender, that that’s probably a good thing. 

Similar with the refs. It can be taken positively then that Ragnar Klavan managed to slot in at centre half on Sunday for the second half and it hasn’t been mentioned. I didn’t even notice till the fella behind me pointed it out!

With Dejan Lovren’s injury, now more than ever is the time for Klavan with a busy Christmas period coming up to prove his worth to the side.

Bar the odd lost header to Andy Carroll (you can tell the poor lad was thinking – they don’t make these in Estonia), Klavan was faultless on Sunday, with the Reds winning 1-0 with him on the field.

Due to the promising partnership of Joël Matip and Dejan Lovren, Klavan’s Liverpool’s career has been very stop-start. Klavan has appeared six times for us now, winning five and losing one.

When he has been called upon though, Klavan has largely impressed. His calmness when dealing with defensive situations and on the ball helps the back four and my blood pressure.

He doesn’t panic, just does his job. It’s not always pretty, but it’s effective and right now, it’s what we need. Calmness spreads, as does panic.

That’s what this piece is all about and that’s what could be the importance of Ragnar Klavan. Calmness and panic are both contagious. 

Simon Mignolet spreads panic. Mamadou Sakho spreads panic. Alberto Moreno spreads panic. On the other side of the coin, Joel Matip spreads calmness. James Milner spreads calmness. 

Loris Karius came in, spread panic, then began to be a calming influence and now is back to spreading panic again. The more calming influences in that back four, the more comfortable we will look as a defensive unit.

If Klopp chooses to go with Klavan, he (Klavan) is going to be under more scrutiny now than ever before.

Liverpool haven’t won in two games, which this season has been unheard of. The meltdown is in full flow and Liverpool’s back five are taking the brunt of the criticism. 

After a spell in between the Burnley and Bournemouth game of looking solid in defence, Liverpool have had a mini-capitulation of late, conceding six goals in two games. 

As a result, everyone is under the microscope, that comes with being a big club.

The stage is set for the big Estonian, should Klopp choose to go with him, to come in and prove whether he can cut it playing for the Reds. 

In the glimpses we’ve seen he’s looked composed and has given the side a nice balance when taking the ball out from the back. Liverpool are desperate for a calming influence, lets hope this fella can be just that.

Written by @JackMitchell_5

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