January 2017 – What kind of players should be signed?

First of all, it has basically been decided Mamadou Sakho will be sold to the highest bidder in January. Its my opinion that the injury-prone striker Daniel Sturridge could be sold. 

Secondly, a few weeks ago it seemed clear Borussia Dortmund’s young American attacking midfielder Christian Pulisic would be coming to Liverpool to have a medical in January. 

As things now on 13 December 2016 stands, Borussia Dortmund sporting director Zorc has all but made it clear Liverpool should look elsewhere for a player like their highly rated 18-year-old American star.

Pulisic is never injured, so he could possibly be signed for about £40m in January 2017. 

None of this is officially confirmed, but it has reportedly been said FSG has sanctioned a big transfer deal in January 2017, which would mean the original idea of signing Pulisic is still a viable option. It’s not a far-fetched claim, as Fenway Sports Group is an American company.

Having the next big thing in American football playing for Liverpool certainly would make sense to FSG. Let’s just wait and see what happens, shall we? No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors either in Liverpool or at Dortmund.

Where this leaves Marko Grujic and Ovie Ejaria is a big question no one is going to ponder much about, I suppose.

All these three are young, Ejaria being the youngest of them, but Pulisic is extremely good, there really is no doubt about that.

Let’s say Sakho will be unceremoneously off-loaded in January. This can only mean we will be signing a new centre half. I mean, some centre half like Virgil Van Dijk from good, old Southampton or Niklas Süle from Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga – Roberto Firmino’s old German club.

And let’s face it: Mamadou Sakho’s Liverpool career certainly seems to be over by now. He is just not a person Jürgen Klopp takes any kind of liking to, now, is he?

If Sturridge is sold, I would like to see a new striker signed. I don’t know who should be signed, just someone who is much less injury-prone than Sturridge is. If I were to  just choose one, I would sign Romelu Lukaku from Everton, although Everton is not very likely to sell him in the January transfer window.

What I really, really want is a classic hard man midfielder. A player like Jimmy Case or Graeme Souness; perhaps someone like Steve McMahon or even Steven Gerrard who was so much more than a playmaker with goal scoring prowess – man, Gerrard could tackle hard when needed to.

At times, he would be all over the pitch doing all possible things to ensure Liverpool didn’t drop points or lose imprtant matches due to making stupid defensive mistakes.

Right back position in Istanbul 2005? No problem, he would be there in the end. Gerrard was often booked and sent off, and admits this might be his biggest problem as a player.

He let the team down by being sent off a bit too often because he was a hard man with a bit too much of aggression …

Neil Ruddock also was that classic hard man. How about a Ruddock kind of centre half coming in to shore up the central defence in front of a half decent goalkeeper like Loris Karius or (Klopp willing) Simon Mignolet.

What I am saying, really, is the current squad lacks a very tough and extremely demanding hard man who opposition players of the highest standard are more than a little bit afraid of facing up to, knowing they will kick them hard, push them around and make other team-mates work harder than they usually do.

That’s what now seems missing here. So go ahead a sign a bit of character, please.

Written by @MagneLeoKarlsen

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