Bourne-mouthing off

Have we all calmed down a bit?  Has the fume worn off?  Probably not if we’re being completely honest with ourselves and each other, but it was going to happen sooner or later and when it did there was always going to be massive over reaction.

Whilst losing that game in the manner that we did is absolutely fucking awful, it doesn’t mean that we’ll be battling Leicester for the final place down to the Championship when May rocks around. 

Perspective is a wonderful thing.  You offer us this place in the league, with two losses, at the start of the season and there’d have been arms snapped off.  Two losses, sadly I saw this one, both to shit teams.

We’d done the hard work and yet lost to Burnley and fucking Bournemouth.  Bournemouth, who were two down until Jordan Ibe came on.  Jordan fucking Ibe.

When we sold him I wrote his farewell for this site, and I wished him well except against us.  The only telling contribution that he had was evading a couple of tackles in the build up to the winner.  I was nice and everything, ungrateful little sod. 

In the aftermath, I was accused of defending Karius too much.  Despite admitting he’d had a mare, I wasn’t willing to blame him for the third that Cooke (I think) fires into the corner in the blink of an eye.  

The second, perhaps, squirms under him but sees it late. The fourth, defo, I’m not even sure what he thought he was claiming for after the event.  Just to round it off, lets say he should have saved the penalty too. That way I save earache and we can all go home happy.

Our scapegoat for the game. Loris Karius. To mount any sort of a defence or point to the frailties of his predecessor, is to be accused of thinking him the latest incarnation of Clemence and Grobelar. 

Truth told, I don’t know what he’s going to be.  I can see the potential, and parallels with others elsewhere. It doesn’t mean I’m blind to his faults. He had a shocker.

But that said, I don’t want the other fella back either. He who would have everyone on his toes, screaming away at everything that came in. Yes he had a decent few games, but up until Sunday, so had Karius.  

My question is, do we guarantee winning that game with Migs in the goal. The answer is no, we’ve even seen him drop the same bollock as Karius did for the fourth. 

It will be argued that age and experience conquer all, but what do we do when Migs comes back in and throws in two against Everton, or Stoke and fucks up Christmas? 

Do you have the confidence that Migs doesn’t have those same ricks in him that Karius showed? I don’t. Been there, seen that.

So much for calm then, so I’ll rattle through the rest. Solid first half, though I got the feel of Southampton away last season, just before half time. I was suddenly glad I wasn’t there. 

At 1-2 it felt a justified concern, though Emre Can popped up to give me the kind of false dawn that I should be used to after three and a half decades. 

A quick side note here, a lot is made of the Origi finish, but very few people have noted the pace that he was still moving at when he struck that ball. The fact that he thought he could clock off after that is a bit of a pisser mind.

The second half is just a wave of pain, but at 3-3 I was thinking that this is the kind of game that United would graze a last-minute winner in. When they got it instead, it was a kick in the balls.

Defensively in the second half, we were nowhere near them. The wise old head of Lucas fell off at 3-2 and wasn’t found again. People saying he had a decent game must think we won 3-1.

Lovren once more showed that he’s better with a partner who knows what’s occurring, the mistake for the penalty was awful and then we reverted to the version of Degsy that we first received. Scared of his shadow and terrified of making another mistake.

Hendo went missing. Firminho and Origi should have both gone off around 60 minutes. They looked shagged out. 

Jürgen can’t kick the ball for these lads, he can’t catch it for whoever is between the sticks, but he can invoke change. 

This is becoming a pet hate of mine, unless the game is out of sight, there seems to be no willingness to change. I don’t know if he doesn’t trust the bench and the first eleven is his all or if he doesn’t want to unbalance things that are working.  

At 3-1 he must have thought it was, when it went to shit it did so very quickly. By which point the change we all wanted, anyone for Ben Woodburn, probably went for a burton because he doesn’t want to stick him in a shitty situation with any pressure.  

I understand it, but think we all wanted to see him.  To be honest, I’d have taken Migs up front if it meant change at 3-3. Whatever, its done. It’s in the books, they got four, we got three. 

It was going to happen at some point, just as Chelsea will drop points again, wonder if their heads will fall off or if they’ll be belligerent about it.

Two games lost. In December. I’ve not even mentioned the injuries, nor will I, that 11 should have been good enough. On the day they weren’t.  Beaten by a ten man Bournemouth (Ibe really was shit), its done. We’ll see them again before this is over, keep the faith.

West Ham you say? Let’s hope that the reds are the wounded animals they were after Burnley.

Written by @BigLee01

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