Expecting the Unexpected.

Who would have thought that the winning goal against Sunderland would see the biggest scenes in the Kop since a European Semi-final won the season before? This goal wasn’t your usual goal. It felt much bigger. We needed it. Our season needed it.

You might be reading that thinking ‘we needed it? We’re second in the league, it’s been a great start’, and maybe in a few days time once I’d calmed down and had we drawn on Saturday I’d have agreed, but we can’t under estimate the importance of that goal. After a frustrating 170 minutes of us failing to break down parked bus’, a ‘here we go again’ attitude was doing the rounds in Anfield and on social media.

You can’t blame us, either. In our history we have been spoilt, our recent history however has been filled with frustration. Home draws and dropping points have killed numerous title challenges from us over the years. Liverpool 0-0 *mid table side*. 568 shots to 4. 90% possesion to 10%. 110 corners to 0 (4 getting past the first man). The Kop vented its frustration too when Jordan Henderson overhit a pass, prompting Klopp to rile up the supporters to keep backing the team.

There was a noticeable improvement in the team once the fans were onside again, and we looked far more likely to score. Adopting this all positive-all believing attitude Klopp wants is proving hard for us though, despite the massive strides we’ve made already, and that is what this piece is about.

The irony is, there’s a general consensus that Liverpool fans are an arrogant, over-confident bunch who believe every year is their year. Largely, this isn’t true. All over social media and from those around me at the game, you hear why we won’t win this, or why we can’t win that.

Can’t win the league with a winger at left back. Can’t challenge with a young keeper. Can’t win the league if you cant break sides down. We won’t win anything until we get a holding midfielder.

We’ve been served so many near-misses and heartbreaks in the league that we are looking for them now. Rooting them out early so that when the inevitable happens, we can say that we called it, we were right and we never got our hopes up anyway.

This attitude was one Klopp got onto as soon as he walked into the door. He talked about the weight of expectancy on the players, and the need for us to turn from ‘doubters to believers’. 

Despite how much we all love Jürgen, we’re still finding it tough, Wembley and Basel last year adding to our frustrations. 

Of late we expect this disappointment. We expect us to fall short at the final hurdle, we expect us to struggle against weaker sides, we expect us to concede goals every time the opposition go forwards.

BUT, this team has something about them. This team has blown teams away, unlocked double decker bus’, come from behind and gone to the big boys back yards and gotten a result. This team is the best side in the league going forward, and since game two have been as good as anyone at the back. Truthfully, did I think we were gonna nick a winner on Saturday? No. But we did. This side has something about them.

They may fall short, but lets enjoy the ride. Expecting us to fail and to prove to be inadequate has been the Liverpool thing to do of late, me included, but lets expect the unexpected, lets get behind them. Second in the league with a massive chance of another cup semi final on the horizon. 

Two of our key playmakers missing and we’re still up there with quality to come off the bench. Our third choice striker coming on and not being as useful as a silent alarm clock. There’s something different about this team. Lets start to expect the unexpected.

Written by @JackMitchell_5

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