Liverpool Show Improvement Against Sunderland 

For me the two nil win against David Moyes Sunderland was the biggest win of the season so far for Liverpool. 

While beating Arsenal, Leicester and Chelsea was a significant step forward, the Sunderland result shows how far Liverpool have come under Jürgen Klopp in the space of thirteen months. Let’s not forget Liverpool were leading Sunderland at Anfield 2-0 until the last twelve minutes of the game last season when they came back to draw two all. We’ll not mention the fan walk out.

David Moyes came to Anfield with a plan, that plan being let’s frustrate Liverpool and hopefully score a goal on the break through Jermain Defoe. He obviously watched the way his former team set up to frustrate Liverpool a few weeks back and managed a bore draw. 

At times the game was a hard watch, with Sunderland having all eleven players behind the ball when Liverpool were attacking. Liverpool couldn’t find a way to break down Sunderland’s resolute defence no matter how times Liverpool tried to  probe the channels, Sunderland always seemed to have two or three players there to break up Liverpool’s attack. 

If Sunderland weren’t playing Liverpool I would have called their defensive display excellent. For Moyes to have set his team up the way he did and for the players to carry out Moyes plans was impressive. 

To defend the way they did for seventy plus minutes was impressive in its own right. The level of concentration to defend against the most potent attack in the Premier League for me is to be applauded even if the away fans did resort to sickening chants throughout the game.

Liverpool though under Klopp are a different beast than the Liverpool teams of the past. While under previous managers, the Sunderland game would have been two points dropped and left a lot of fans grumbling, Klopp has assembled a squad that’s capable of effecting a Plan B or at times a Plan C. 

The injury to Phillipe Coutinho, while being a massive blow to Liverpool’s season, against Sunderland it proved to be a blessing in disguise. The fact that Divock Origi spent so much time on the pitch allowed him to get up to speed of the game. 

While Firmino and Sadio Mané probed and probed down the wings for Liverpool, often with no end result, it was Origi’s more direct styl me that led to Liverpool’s opening goal. His quick thinking on the right hand side of the Sunderland box which resulted in Liverpool’s goal was what I call a real strikers goal. 

No disrespect to Firmino and Mané but Origi saw the gap at Sunderlands far post and instead of passing the ball in to the box, he was confident enough to take on the strike which resulted in the break through goal. The goal was reminiscent of his goal against Stoke last season. 

Liverpool wrapped up the three points with a penalty scored by Liverpool’s Mr Reliable James Milner after Mané was fouled in the box. 

For Liverpool to beat Sunderland, shows progress. They were left frustrated by both Manchester United and Spurs this season who parked the proverbial bus against Liverpool, the fact Liverpool continued to probe away and didn’t get frustrated shows that the players have faith in Klopp and his way of playing, even if some fans don’t. 

Next up for Liverpool in the league is Bournemouth, another team who are likely to park the bus in order to try and frustrate Liverpool, Eddie Howe may just have to come up with another plan to beat Liverpool. Parking the bus doesn’t work, going toe to toe with Liverpool wont work so what does he do? Well we’ll see next weekend. 

Written by @TheMoanyOne 

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