Here we go again…….or do we?

I’m sure many Liverpool fans have that horrible feeling again.Like many times previously we have a ‘star’ player being linked with a move away.

It seems to have become an event that occurs every time that we look like putting a decent team together. Torres, Suarez, Sterling, Alonso, Mascherano etc the list is becoming far too long for us to believe we are a ‘big player’ in the transfer market.

Now we are seeing the beginning of what many of us see as the start to an inevitable conclusion. The rumours, the denials, the contract negotiations, then further down line the player moves to a club for a huge amount of cash. This may be good news for FSG, but is certainly not for the fans who are the real victims of us losing top players.

Coutinho appears to have started on this journey; the links have started with the Spanish clubs in the media. Players of those clubs starting to make comments about him. We’ve been here before!

It may be wishful thinking, but this time it may not end up as previously.

Coutinho joined us for £8.5 million in 2013 and looks like the best piece of business ever conducted under the leadership of Rodgers. He took a little time to settle but continues to blossom into an absolute joy to watch. Our little magician.

Coutinho comes across as a quiet, homely type of man. He’s appreciative of what he has and he often states how happy he is at Liverpool. He’s never agitated for a move away.

The call of Barcelona will be a strong one for any South American, particularly one whose best friend plays there and whose good friend recently travelled the same path from Anfield.

This may not be a foregone conclusion though.

Things at Liverpool are very different under Klopp now than Rodgers when Suarez moved on. Coutinho appears to be achieving his potential under Klopp, silverware looks more realistic than before and he’s also become a main player for his national side.

Moving away from this, arguably to a Barcelona side in decline, may not be as straight forward a choice as in recent years.

Since Klopps arrival, we can genuinely look a player in the eyes and say ‘you can achieve your ambitions here’; Coutinho seems to be the type of person who will respond to that.

FSG now need to play their part and look to make the financial side of any move less tempting. Coutinho is rumoured to be on £80k a week, fantastic money if you can get it but considerably less than Henderson & Milner. That needs to be addressed.

Who knows, maybe Neymar will get to fulfil his ambition and play club football with Coutinho.

He’ll need to work hard though because Mané will take some shifting from our starting line up………

Written by @LeBigMc5Times

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