Let’s Talk Goalkeepers 

Let’s box a few things early.  I’ve waited and waited to write this.  I’ve deleted it about four times, been seen to be slacking, been distracted by the real world and all told, generally skirted the fence instead of just jumping straight over the bastard.  The reason, and I feel it’s a good one, is that I’m probably going to start a fight.

Well, not a physical fight.  An argument, an exchange of views, probably in private, in the DMs that we all talk on about this site.  I’m once more avoiding the matter at hand, the ongoing, never ending debate about the fucking goalkeepers.  I’m sorry, but it’s an itch that needs scratched once more.  The international break seems the right time.

I’ve often stated that I’m a big advocate of letting Loris Karius have the time he needs to settle.  My learned colleague Magne, also of this parish, finally seems to be coming around and admitting that he’s getting better.  I’ll have that. 

My point, and one that I have argued time and again to any and all, is that he deserves time to grow into the role. 

There are two reasons for this;

1)      He was flying in pre-season.  Confident, commanding, coming for everything.  Right up until he punched Dejan Lovren in the head and realised that he’s have had more joy punching a brick wall.  Some proper Croatian concrete in Degsy’s head, good luck with that Loris lad.  As a brief aside I see no coincidence at all in Karius returning to training in the same week that Lovren misses the Leicester game with one hell of a shiner.

 2)      He’s not Simon Mignolet.  I’ve done this to death so I’ll keep this bit brief.  Migs is a good backup, but for the level that we are aiming for, he’s not good enough.  He’s had three years to improve, and whilst he’s shown glimpses of potential he’s always good for a crisis of confidence in the mid-season.  I’m bored of it.  Every Christmas the same shit, “He’s had a poor December, get him slung”.

To address point one properly, if a winger breaks his leg or his foot it is widely accepted that there will be a few games where he needs to regain his confidence.  A keeper broke his hand, as fundamental as it gets, and we expect him to be fucking superman on his first game back.  It takes time to trust your body again, especially if the head that you punched in the first place is still sticking itself in front of the afore mentioned hand, on a daily basis.  You’re bound to have reservations, would you try to punch a rock twice if you broke your fist on it the first time?  Me neither.

The main argument presented at the start of the season appeared to be that Migs had more experience and hadn’t done anything wrong.  Karius was too young and wasn’t experienced enough for Liverpool.  He is a similar age with a similar appearance record to compare to one certain Pepe Reina.  He turned out ok after a slow start.

He’s not the finished article by any means (kind of like this one hasn’t been for about six weeks), but Klopp trusts him, and we trust Jurgen yeah?  The last few games and Watford in particular, he has started looking like the capable keeper we saw in pre-season.  My learned colleague wasn’t giving him credit for saving the one on one that squirms through his legs to be cleared by Milner (I think), but that was as good as anything that he did before or after.  As a card carrying member of the union, that’s a bloody good save.

Yes Migs has more experience, he’s won the same amount of trophies though, and when faced with finals he’s fluffed lines.  No he didn’t do a lot wrong at the start of the season (for my money he should save the Danny Rose goal at Spurs, regardless of the cock ups that preceded it).  But he’s got form, and when it dips it lasts for a while.  I mention last season and things like the league cup final when I defend Karius, I’m told last season doesn’t count, just this.  I’m also told we have to look at his entire Liverpool career, if I do that I win.  That season where we came second, we shipped a boat load, yet I’m told he had a good season. 


If he had a decent season, he saves *some* of those, not all.  They weren’t all his fault, and I’m not saying that every goal we concede is, what I’m saying is that when he drops a knacker, it tends to be a high profile one.  This season, with this promise, let’s see if we can’t change the one thing that pretty much everyone has been pissing and moaning about for the last two years.

Here’s to Loris, all the best fella, prove them wrong.

Written By @BigLee01

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