Could Luke Shaw Be The Answer To Liverpool’s Left Back Problems

Liverpool have problems are left back this season, that’s something no one could argue with. With Alberto Moreno error prone and James Milner doing the “job”of a make shift back, it’s time that Jürgen Klopp takes a long hard look at maybe investing in a specialised left back not a make shift one. 

Loads of names as always have been mentioned as a fix to Liverpool’s left back problem but the one that excites me is Luke Shaw. Don’t ask me why. It just does. I think it may have something to do with Jose Mourinho’s habit of letting go some of his better players to rival teams when he has fallen out with them. Think Juan Mata to Manchester United, Petr Cech to Arsenal and Kevin De Bruyne to Wolfsburg. All three have gone on to have fantastic careers after Mourinho let them leave Chelsea.

So it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he again could sell off one of his star players to a rival and this time that rival could be Liverpool. Although signings between Liverpool and Manchester United are very rare with the last player transferring between both clubs being Phil Chisnall in 1964. Such is Mourinho’s cockiness that allowing Luke Shaw to leave Manchester for Liverpool is a big possibility especially if Liverpool are willing to pay what they want for the player and manager Jürgen Klopp is serious about sorting out the left back role. 

While Shaw missed the majority of last season after suffering a horrific leg break playing against PSV in the Champions League, because of this Liverpool fans are wary of Liverpool signing him. The ones I’ve asked all state the fact that although Shaw is a good player, he’s injury prone, lacking fitness and lacking confidence so he’s deemed not good enough for Liverpool.

Since the start of the 2012/2013 season, Shaw has only missed 138 days of football through injury. I’m not counting the 2014/2015 season here. That equates to 46 days a season which in turn equates to just 4 games a season if your team is playing once a week. Not bad for an injury prone player. rated Shaw at the start of last season as the fifth best Left Back in the Premier League. Since 2012 Shaw has made five defensive errors for both Manchester United and his former club Southampton. In fact for the 2013/2014 season in the 35 games he played for Southampton he made zero defensive errors. That season he only missed three games for The Saints and in two of those games Southampton lost to Norwich and Spurs. 

That’s the whole he’s injury prone stigma out the window and you know it’s only horse shit when you have his ex team mate Adam Lallana coming out and saying that there’s no issue with Shaws fitness. 

As for the lack of confidence and the lack of fitness, let’s not forget Shaw is only twenty one years of age. He spent over 300 days last season on the injury list, receiving treatment for an injury that many people speculated ended his career. Of course he’s lacking fitness and confidence. I challenge anyone who has suffered an injury similar to Shaws to come back playing in arguably the toughest league in the world without having doubts as to whether or not his injured leg would hold up. 

I firmly believe and this is just my opinion that under Klopps guidance, Shaw could become one of the best left backs in Europe. Having two proper left backs at the club would also allow Milner to move back in to his favoured midfield role and in the absence of Sadio Mané in January, having Milner in midfield would allow Lallana to move further up the pitch and play the Mané role supporting Phillipe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino in attack. Having Shaw at left back would also allow Milner cover the right back position if it was ever needed.

While it’s only speculation at this point about Shaw and Liverpool, the rumours that the player has handed in a transfer request and the fact that so many of his ex teammates play at Liverpool would make Anfield the ideal destination for Shaw should he leave Old Trafford. 

Would he be welcome at Anfield, for me possibly not, not until he was fit enough to show the Liverpool fans what he is capable of. And that’s going to take at least a year. Having Klopp behind him and building him back up again would only be a boost to Shaw, having a manager like that is something he won’t get at Manchester United if you believe the reports that Mourhino isn’t hands on in training. 

So again I answer the would I have Luke Shaw at Liverpool? Yes I fucking would. It’s over to you now Herr Klopp.

Written by @TheMoanyOne

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