Liverpool can’t defend…or can they?

After another incredible attacking Liverpool performance, pundits are now weighing up whether this Liverpool side are good enough to go on and challenge for the Premier League title this season. The consensus is that, despite Liverpool being unbelievable going forward – they cannot defend and this will cost them. It’s a narrative that Twitter hipsters everywhere have latched onto and used as a stick to beat Liverpool’s title credentials with. Unfairly in my opinion.

It’s important to stress that this isn’t a piece that is going to say that our defence is the best around and no one can get past us, as that isn’t true. A look in the Goals Against column has Liverpool’s defence as the ninth best defence in the league – distinctly average. However, I believe you have to look at it in context, like anything in life.

The main reason I think our defence isn’t as dreadful as the media and fans alike are portraying it as is simple that of late, it hasn’t been. For example, since Joël Matip has come into the side, we have conceded 8 goals in the 11 games he has played in all competitions. That would, if my maths serves me right, end up with about 27 goals conceded over 38 games, which would be remarkable from the Reds. Often it is forgotten that we conceded five goals in the first two games, with a Moreno horror show at Arsenal followed by a Liverpool FC complete horror show at Burnley. I’m not suggesting that we will end up with a goals against column like that, but it shows that since Matip’s arrival, the Reds have been nowhere near as leaky at the back as portrayed.

The other main reason I feel the need to stick up for the boys at the back is that teams aren’t getting many chances against us at all. The Watford game was the first time Loris Karius has really been tested, in his eighth appearance. Apart from set pieces and gifts (Lovren at Crystal Palace), teams are finding it very difficult to break down Liverpool.  It’s been stated by Jürgen Klopp himself that Atcherburg is working hard with Karius to toughen him up, meaning hopefully the former will become less and less of a problem.

In summary, you can jump on the naysayer’s bandwagon, or jump on the Joël Matip Reds bandwagon and believe it’s our year. I know which one I’ll do!

Written by @JackMitchell_5

One thought on “Liverpool can’t defend…or can they?

  1. first time I have seen this blog, (as a Shankly boy I am very curious when anyone “dares” to use the “messiahs name” (SoS union failed!!) and i am watching a re-run of the game v watford, .. I would agree that the defence isnt as suspect as it was, not only because of Matip, but more so because of Milner, everyone points at him in attacking role, but he “covers” , it often favours a right footed left back,,,to come behind his team mates,,, and cover,,, watch the game..

    even when Karious couldnt hold a shot Milly was there,,,

    plus, having reliable LUCAS (and some Lfc fans really dont appreciate this mans ability to slot in at short notice in one of the most difficult positions) backing a revitalised Lovren..

    The absence of “cult hero Sakho” .. who , a bit like Trump captures the “popular vote” without much substance in his game..

    The whole team defending from the front, tracking and winning balls back, takes a massive amount of pressure off the defence,,,

    However, for me, one of the biggest errors of Lfc/fsg was to force Pepe out, there may be better “shot stoppers” but ,,, Pepes contribution tot he defensive unit, and the best GK distributor …brought stability…

    I dont like young GKs , to replace Reina with Mign, was wrong, then to bring in young Karious….well,, if anything will cost us the title this may be it, because ,,,there are teams who , like WBA will snatch goals from corners and free kicks, if we dotn have a commanding keeper..

    if JK can keep “full throttle ” going,, Lfc have a big chance of the league, but, we conceded when the foot came off the pedal, lcukily at 5-0 it mattered little, we must protect the game when its closer,,,

    and a word about atmosphere…. it still is too quiet,, the Watford fans could be heard all game,,
    if that performance doesnt raise lfc voices , then…


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