FIFA Coach of the Year – A One Horse Race

Since Jürgen Klopp arrived on Merseyside in October 2015, it would be fair to say that Liverpool fans have taken a bit of a liking to the man and within the last week he has been nominated for FIFA’s Coach of the Year Award.

Back then in 2015, when we heard that this man was linked to our club a sense of excitement ran throughout the whole city (well, almost the whole city) and for the first time in a very long time after putting up with the likes of a tiresome Kenny Dalglish, Roy Hodgson and Brendan Rodgers the LFC fanbase actually felt positive. 

In 13/14 under Brendan, we were fooled into a false sense of security in the manager and it was only when Luis Suarez departed from the club that we seemed to realise this. Towards the end of this season Liverpool went on a famous 11 game win streak and during this time we, as Liverpool fans, felt no fear regardless of who we were playing and this is the beginning of a very similar story under Jürgen, except this time its for real.

I remember watching Sky Sports News last year when Jürgen had landed in the city, he was being rushed through the back alleys of town in a blacked out Mercedes just to sign a piece of paper, it was like watching a black ops mission to secure some valuable intel. And boy, did that intel come in useful.

Since being at the club the 49 year old has achieved 31 Wins, 19 Draws & 12 Losses, scoring a total of 79 goals and are currently on an 11 game unbeaten run (the most since the German arrived). These games are including achieving 2 finals in the Europa and League Cup and all of this had led Jürgen to be nominated for the award and rightly so. Its a wonderful time to be a red at the minute, we are tearing the rule book up in the league, there’s the new Main Stand and the Coach of the Year nominee seems to be laying the brand new foundations for Liverpool to stand on top of the globe once again.

We all know that for some reason Liverpool struggle to win against the lesser sides whilst bullying top sides. We have seen much less of that this season, theres the obvious loss at Burnley but that really seems to be an anomaly on top of a great set of results. We’ve played the likes of West Brom, Crystal Palace and Hull, all of which have presented real challenges for the reds over previous years but this year its as if we have that 13/14 mentality back of “oh well if you’re gonna’ score 2, were gonna’ score 7” and its brilliant! 

So far this season Jürgen’s Reds are first in goals (24), first in chances created (147), first in set piece goals (9) and first in passes (5838). The style of football we’re playing is precise, exciting, fast paced and we actually have a bench for the first time in about ten years! 

As i said, It’s a wonderful, exciting time to be supporting Liverpool at the minute and as i look from my window this evening and see the sun disappearing behind the Liverbirds wing, there is only one thing that is on my mind. Thank you, Mr. Jürgen Norbet Klopp. There is only one coach of the year, for me.

Written by @TomGrevo

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