Alberto Moreno – loveable rogue or troublesome liability?

I, like many of you, have mixed feelings about Alberto Moreno. In some quarters he is constantly pilloried for his defending and positional sense. Any surging runs or intelligent tackles he does manage are viewed as an aberration. The great and good of the Liverpool Twitterverse seem to delight in each of his errors. Some love his enthusiasm and his marauding runs while others find him frustrating as hell.

The same happened to a host of Liverpool signings. We all remember how poor Aspas, Adam, Konchesky, Carroll, Lovren, Lallana and Henderson were don’t we? And that’s just first memories of rocky starts.

But wait! The last three are now integral parts of our team aren’t they? It’s as though they’ve been kept as a future was seen for them. Success was only a matter of ethos, style and hard work. Those who have remained have adjusted to the new order and found themselves shining. Not by luck but by design, Klopp’s design. He determined who stayed and he will decide who goes. They are now part of a spectacularly entertaining Liverpool side that is rampaging and swashbuckling its way to victory in the most wonderful style imaginable.

Allow me to stray from Mr Moreno for a little longer…

If we’re totally honest, Coutinho spent his first season and a half Liverpool as simply a good player. Now he’s being hailed as a world-beater. World class. The Little Magician. Real and Barcelona have been reportedly sniffing around. His greatest improvement has come in the last 6 months; under Klopp’s tutelage. I personally feel he has become so good because the players around him have improved so much. Before, he had to drag them with him and when they didn’t (or couldn’t) match his ideas and execution, he lost interest and faded from games. He wants to win things and I think he’ll be with us for a while now we can see where Klopp is taking the club.

So why is Moreno still at the club? If he’s so bad that Klopp decided to replace him with a 30-year-old midfielder playing out of position, then surely there is no way back for him now! Against Tottenham and Crystal Palace we saw that there is redemption. Alberto wasn’t completely awful. In fact I would say he had spells when he looked good, yes, actually good. I think his decision-making and positioning was better and will only improve under Klopp’s watchful eye. He has been kept for a reason – mainly pace and work rate I grant you, but the rest of the package is being built on top of that and it is working.

Finally, Alberto Moreno has that same unbridled energy and spirit that I see in Lucas. They aren’t going to set the world on fire, but they will do what Klopp wants, and boy do they try. For these reasons I’m prepared to cheer him on and I hope to see my faith vindicated.

I genuinely don’t think that Klopp has any time for unwanted players hanging around the club. Sorry Mama, but that doesn’t bode well for you I’m afraid. Bon chance of course, but probably au revoir.

Written by @thealbatrossa

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