Things We’ve Learnt

Things we’ve learned recently about Liverpool;

  1. There are some half decent lads waiting in the wings should they be called upon.
  2. Some people in the lower Main Stand still retain the air of the arl arses and want everyone to sit down, shut up and moan about the entire thing.
  3. Trent Alexander-Arnold loves a decent tackle doesn’t he?
  4. Daniel Sturridge could score five every week and people would maintain he’s shitter than Iago Aspas and refuse to sing his name.
  5. Simon Mignolet has suddenly become the best keeper in the world in the eyes of those same people.

The Daniel Sturridge thing bothers me the most. Some people have never warmed to him, mainly because of his often dour body language. They ignore the fact that he puts the ball in the net, because his perceived attitude is one that encourages people to highlight his failures more than his successes. I often think that the lad could score five a game and get nothing more than a murmured mumbling of his name from the bulk of the ground. Its disappointing, and whilst I don’t think that on current form and in the current system he gets into the first eleven, that doesn’t mean he’s as shit as some think. He’ll be another one who’s reputation improves on the Kop after he leaves. 

For reference, see Garcia, Luis. Derided as a luxury during his time here by many, as soon as he goes everyone sings that fucking Sangria song. I’ve said before to sing for the lads on the pitch, but the Big Div Origi gets his name belted out against Spurs, and rightly so. He played wonderfully after the first half hour. Danny Ings gets a rapturous reception on his Anfield return, so he should. Flying before he got injured last year and banging them in for the under 23s, the lad showed no signs of the injury affecting him at all in his cameo.

Neither of them scored against Spurs.

Daniel scores a brace, a pair, a couple, whatever you want to call it. Threatens a hat-trick. What do we sing when he scores? “Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool.” I’d probably look a bit pissy too if I’m honest.

The old lad in front of me against Spurs spends the game moaning about two things, my knees in his back and Daniel Sturridge being shit. I’d wonder if we were at the same game, but the fucker is leaning back like it’s a sun lounger and my 6’7” frame isn’t helping his comfort, there’s no doubting we’re both at least looking at the same thing. Soz!

Anyway, subject change. Mignolet did alright didn’t he against Spurs? Whilst widely acknowledged I want him gone, he didn’t do a lot wrong on that night. He still gives me the shits though, massively makes me nervous. The reason being that I’ve seen him play well so many times and then drop a bollock. Happy when he doesn’t, and he makes a good save in the one on one at the end, but I’m happy with where he is in the order of things.

As I write this I’m rushing to fill some space then I can get to the pub for the Palace game. I’ll make no bold predictions for fear of jinxing the entire thing, but I’m hoping that big Christian Benteke has a mare and we come through the other end still high on life. 

Expecting all of the league lads back in, hopefully with my mate George Wjinaldum back in for Emre Can and just provide us a little bit more speed of the ball through the midfield. Of course, I could watch the match, pretend I knew the team all along and carry on regardless. But there’s no fun in that and on current form, I won’t get the opportunity to write for another week!

I’ll stop wittering with a positive. If that young lad with the Pringles was my favourite image of the Hull game. Trent Alexander-Arnold turning Ben Davies into a Catherine Wheel a couple of weeks early has pretty much made my year. I’ve not watched it back, I’m told it could have been a red. From across the pitch in row 28 of the Main Stand it looked beautiful.

Up the reds, down the ale. Hopefully Pardew gets what he deserves!

Written by @BigLee01

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