Gerrard – thanks but no thanks

Steven Gerrard seems to have indicated that his days across the pond at LA Galaxy are drawing to a close.

His Instagram post (in which he states what a honour it has been to represent the club) seems to have created more of a response this side of the Atlantic than the other. Some Liverpool fans have gone into overdrive about what this means to Liverpool.

A return of Steven Gerrard as a player? For some, Steven is the greatest player to have ever worn the red shirt. However, since his departure the team have moved on and look a much better outfit than the last team he played in.

Klopp has created a hard working and talented side, qualities that certainly can be used to describe Steven Gerrard, but is this really what could be expected of him at the age of 36? Introducing him back into the squad I fear would be a backwards step, damaging both his legacy and the team.

Sadly, for those who believe he could still do a job for the team are struggling to accept the realities of time.

So if not a player, then surely we could use him as a coach? Gerrard could be a great influence on younger players at the club; he has ‘been there & got the T-shirt’. Having made over 500 appearances for the club his experience could be invaluable to their development. Gerrard would be a major asset to the development of the younger players, but will this satisfy Gerrard? Being out of the 1st team limelight is not be something he’d want.

So, maybe a role with the 1st team could be the solution? Klopp has stated that Gerrard would always be very welcome back at the club. The general feeling seems to be that Gerrards involvement with the 1st team would inspire them onto glory. That his standing as player and a ‘living legend’ could only be a good thing for the team.

In an ideal world I’m in agreement with this, but we don’t live in an ideal world.
The team is currently sitting joint top of the league, the feel good factor has returned to the club, the team is playing a style of football that is exciting the fans whilst installing fear in the opposition.
The reality of it is though; we will hit a bad patch. We will lose a game. We will play poorly at some stage during the season. At this point some of our fan base will look towards Gerrard. His mere presence at the club will become a distraction, a potentially divisive distraction.

Gerrard leaving LA Galaxy appears to have presented Liverpool with an unnecessary problem.

Big personalities in the back ground of a club are rarely a successful combination for either the individual or the club.
Liverpool during the 70’s & 80’s had a hard nosed approach to allowing legends to stay within the club, they simply didn’t. Even Shankly wasn’t allowed to cast his shadow over the club once he’d moved on, to the point where Shankly commented that he felt more welcome at Everton watching them train that at Liverpool. The only occasion I can recall some success where a big personality was loitering was when Paisley mentored Dalglish during his early months of management.

This worked because people knew that Paisley was too old to take the club forward whereas Kenny was the future. That isn’t the case with Gerrard & Klopp.
I’m sorry to say, but I can’t see how bringing Gerrard back into the club now would be of benefit to anyone in the long term. The reality of it is that this is one of those ‘hard nosed business’ decisions and say “Thanks but no thanks Steven” – maybe one day in the future, but not for me at this point.

Written by @lebigmc5times

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