Hugs,Cuddles and Companionship. Klopp’s old ways are the new ways.

When he was asked about Mamadou Sakho’s Snapchat misdemeanours, Jürgen Klopp of course dismissed it. He would deal with it behind close doors (not in the full view of the world of social media. Note the irony). Klopp is a new wave manager, immersed in the old way of doing things. He told the questioning journalist that Sakho had made his point on a platform that he (Klopp) didn’t know anything about. What is snapchat?

Klopp doesn’t attempt to be something he isn’t. He is not bothered what people think. So long as those around him believe in him, his methods and ultimately his aims then its a massive two fingers to everyone else.

You could see in his face that this new way of doing things, of communicating this way did not sit well with him. If you have something to say, say it in words, to my face. Don’t type it via emojis or by surrounding my face in flowers or by giving me a dog’s tongue!

In today’s PC dominated World, affection is a dying art. As much as I loved Rafa, his often total lack of emotion left me befuddled. As humans we all crave recognition. We crave love and affection. I read once that most affairs don’t start through lust. They start because the protagonists want to be loved.

When Newcastle recovered to beat Norwich 4-3 the other week I was more overjoyed by Rafa’s reaction at the end than the result. ‘For God’s sake man, finally, let it all out!’

Showing emotion is often seen as a sign of weakness. But is it? The ability to show your feelings could be deemed as a sign of strength, especially as in today’s world you know that the World of Twitter and Facebook etc will be only to quick to seize on it and belittle you. If you care about something. Show it! If something is worth keeping hold of, of fighting for then keep it, fight for it! (#JFT96)

This is where Klopp comes into his own. There is something basic, primeval and clannish about the ‘hug’. The hug is a sign of love, comradeship. You give me your love and I’ll give you mine. And let’s face it the player’s love it! I also get the impression that if he could, Jürgen would hold a hug ceremony for the departing fans at the end of game. Now I wouldn’t leave early if that was the case!
No manager herds his flock together like Klopp. He’s like a Mother Duck leading her ducklings! I could imagine that most players, bearing in mind they’re young lads cannot wait for that paternal cuddle at the end of a game. I can remember as a kid, my own Dad was a man’s man but if he liked what I did then that was fine by me.

Look at James Milner’s penalty against Hull. Klopp. Turned his back. He looked to the ground. He looked to the fans. He was like an excited, expectant father awaiting the news of the birth. ‘Jürgen , congratulations it’s a goal!’

Fan’s buy into this. He shares our pain. He recognises our joy.

Kenny got it. Rafa also got it (apart from the Stoicism). In fairness Fergie got it at Manchester Utd. As did Gary Neville. I never minded him. He nailed his colours to the mast. ‘I’m a Manc, I do not like Liverpool.’ This emotion, this passion rubs off. It creates a following. It fosters belief.

We live in a robot age. Kids don’t talk. They text. Some kids text their parents from the comfort of their bedroom whilst the aforementioned parents are sat downstairs!

Adults go a restaurant for a well earned meal and sit there and…….. text!  I often hear people say. ‘Oh, I must text him‘ Or ‘I’ll send him a text later’. Speak to him for Christ Sake. Ring him!

Pub’s are dying as a lot of people now sit in front of a lap top, drinking wine whilst liking Betty’s post explaining why she hates dog walkers. We used to talk in the boozer!

Klopp has brought the tradition back. Not just by what we expect a Liverpool boss to be but by bringing old school values back. Sometimes if I do something good I don’t want recognition by text, I wouldn’t mind  a hug!

Written by @redwazza1

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