Klopp’s Got It Covered!

I’m pretty sure most fans would agree that Liverpool have, on the whole, good squad depth, we finally have a strong bench that can be utilised to influence games like we did at Swansea when Adam Lallana got injured we could bring on Daniel Sturridge, who we all know is top draw and makes a nice change from previous years. Anyway, that’s just one example, I’m sure I don’t need to go through them all.

HOWEVER!……we are seriously lacking in the full back department, most were convinced in the summer that Klopp would be bringing in at least one, with the left back position being most Liverpool fans concern, but after the Ben Chilwell deal fell through it was on to Dahoud amongst other names being thrown about by the twitter managers, but nothing materialised and we were faced with having to put up with the extremes of Alberto Moreno, who one minute does the sublime like that run and finish at White Hart Lane, but then does the ridiculous of which there are too many examples to mention.

But what no one envisaged was James Milner becoming the best left back the world has ever seen pretty much over night, I’ve been a big fan of Milner’s for years, he reminds me of our own Dirk Kuyt, does some serious graft and often most of the neccesary “dirty work” that nobody wants to acknowledge. 

He is a true professional who never moans, gets his head down and it’s guaranteed he will give everything for the club when out on the pitch, so (Milner appraisal over) Milber at left back hasn’t ended up being the nightmare we all thought and expected it would be, as although I wouldn’t want him starting every game Moreno could step in if required (just not for too long hopefully), and with Dahoud (or somebody else) being possible in January things don’t look as bad at left back, and who knows, Jürgen Klopp might end up turning Sturridge into one (I for one trust in Klopp and wouldn’t rule anything out no matter how stupid things first seem), then there’s also Ragnar Klaven who being a left sided centre back was the player most fans thought Klopp would try before he threw a curve ball that is Milner.

So on to right back position, where Natianel Clyne has been excellent, not only is he solid defensively he currently has the most chances created (alongside Milner) out of the Leagues fullback’s. But what happens if he gets a knock? We have a few out on loan we could possibly recall but I don’t think we’d go down that route as, in my opinion, they’re either not ready yet and need further development before being relied  upon, or they’re just not good enough, sadly I feel Jon Flannagan will never be the same player before his injures, but he would have supplied decent cover, Andre Wisdom has been tried and just didn’t cut it, so who then?

Personally I think Klopp would probably use Emre Can, not his preferred role but he would do a more than capable job, and he’s been used there before so not totally alien to him but who knows what Klopp might pull out the bag if and when the need arises…..and who are we mere mortals to doubt him.

Ideally we could do with bringing in a starting left back (Dahoud seems to be the favourite), and a right back to provide cover for Clyne, If we achieved this then our Squad depth/cover would be pretty much complete.

We also need to Remember it’s early days of the Klopp era, he’s not been here a full season yet but so far so good and long may it continue, we just need to be patient, something that is waring very thin these days due to the too long await for us to get back on top, where we belong.

So with the emergence of James “Alba” Milner, things don’t seem that bad after all,  just a couple more tweaks and we’re hopefully sorted (with a bit of luck those tweaks will be made in January). For now though I for one will trust in Klopp.


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3 thoughts on “Klopp’s Got It Covered!

  1. Decent first piece that and why am I not surprised you’ve commented on your own work you big headed bastard haha.

    Just one question though, where are you getting it that Dahoud is being pursued to play left back?

    Pretty sure he’s a centre mid or am I missing something?


    • Haha, cheers pal and you’re not missing anything, thanks for picking me up on dahoud , a lapse on my part on this occasion as wanting to get piece on on time after a busy week. Appreciate your feedback , nice one.


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