Jordan Henderson – Bouncing Back

After an early blip, both Liverpool Football Club and Jordan Henderson have come back bigger, stronger and better this season. Burnley was a big low for both, with plenty declaring that the Reds were destined for another poor finish and even more questioning Henderson’s contribution as captain.

Although, as I write that, ‘questioning Henderson’s contribution as captain’ doesn’t really do it justice, does it? Henderson has had dogs abuse from large sections of the Reds’ support, the pinnacle being having videos made of him struggling in games early in the season thrown around social media and laughed at. Henderson seemed to be massively struggling playing in the number ‘6’ role and the general consensus was that without Emre Can, this team couldn’t compete.

Fast forward a month and the Reds are joint third, second favourites for the title with the bookies and have battered the Champions and won at Stamford Bridge in the process. Liverpool and Henderson have come back fighting. Despite all the stick and criticism, Henderson has got his head down, listened to Klopp and Buvac and has massively improved in the number 6 role.

I don’t think any of us saw this coming after Burnley, yet we shouldn’t be surprised. Time and time again Henderson has proved people wrong and bounced back for us. He’s gone from being a make-weight in a move for Clint Dempsey *shudders*, to being a pivotal cog in our title charge goal-scoring machine in 2013/14. He’s gone from acne-riddled school boys making videos of him giving the ball away in the second game of the season to his screamer against Chelsea trending all over social media.

It’s clear that Henderson possesses a relentless hard working ethic and to quote our old mate Brendan, ‘terrific character’. It’s clear that anybody who is asking interviewers ‘what do the fans think of me’ after interviews takes pride in their performances and wants to impress us, the fans. We have had players at this club whose effort or character you could question. Players that have looked good elsewhere but have crumbled at Anfield. Henderson isn’t one of those. An injury-hit year last year decimated his first year as captain, but it seems now that he is finally settling into the role after two excellent seasons in 2013/14 and 2014/15.

I think the one of the highest endorsements any Liverpool captain can get in the modern era are rave reviews from Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard. Those two Liverpool legends giving the current skipper the thumbs up is enough for me at the minute. Henderson is beginning to look like a Liverpool captain and, despite what was deemed impossible, a very good ‘number 6’ too. Against Hull on Saturday he arrogantly jogged round the park, controlling the game, demanding the ball, looking to make things happen. Anfield is a tough place to be brave and make things happen, yet that’s what we’re seeing from him at the moment.

Long may the rise of our captain continue.

Written by @JackMitchell_5

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