Let’s Get Carried Away

In an recent with Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp I saw recently, he was talking about how Football should be. To quote him, he said that ‘fans should be leaving the ground and they can’t wait for the next game, this is how it should be’. Walking back to the car from the game on Saturday, this is exactly how I felt. 

Everything post-match was positive. Even the fella behind me who moans behind me every minute of the match said we did “alright”, which is as big a compliment from him the Reds will get this year.

Probably due to our record in recent years against the ‘smaller’ teams (no disrespect intended to Hull, who’s following was impressive on Saturday), Saturday’s game felt far bigger than it probably should’ve been. It epitomises our crazy form in recent years that beating sides we should do at home come as more of a surprise to us than winning at The Etihad, The Emirates, The Bridge etc.

There was a big game feel in the week, and Klopp contributed to that by asking the fans to be “as positive as possible” when filling the seats at Anfield. And the Reds delivered. Liverpool were too fast, too aggressive and just too good for Hull City. 

It had been widely suggested that being clinical against the smaller sides is what this team needs to really become contenders; that observation is probably right too. Last year it was only Manchester United out of the ‘bigger’ sides who beat us, yet points dropped at home to Crystal Palace, Norwich, Newcastle and Sunderland really hindered our chances.

Hull got a man sent off, but we were one up and had just won a penalty against 11 men dedicated to sitting behind the ball. This has so often been an Achilles heel over the years for us. Leicester came and wanted to be compact too, only to be blown away. Couple these results with our impressive wins at the Emirates and Stamford Bridge and it’s hard not to get carried away. So let’s get carried away.

This Liverpool side has no superstars in my opinion. Nobody who would get anywhere near a World XI or anything like that. What we have got is a group of very good players, under a very good manager, playing very, very well. The last time we had a points total this high at this stage was 2008/09, one of a few years we should have won the title.

I’m not suggesting we’ll win the title. It looks like it’ll take a hell of a side to oust Manchester City, but there’s no reason why we can’t believe it could be us. We’re scoring goals, working harder than every team we play and have mixed it with the big boys as well as putting weaker sides to the sword. Lets get carried away. ‘Doubters to Believers’ and all that…

Written by @JackMitchell_5

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