Alberto Moreno – Liverpool’s Scape Goat

This is a piece I have been thinking of writing for a few weeks now. I have been trying to put the words together in my head so that’s it is readable to those of you who have the misfortune of reading it. Before we get in to the bones of the article, this is not an attack on any one person. One name will feature heavily in this article because he is the go to guy for Sky Sports and many tabloids when it comes to Liverpool Football Club. 

It does not matter who you are but as an ex Liverpool player you are always going to be asked about the club and how it is doing at any particular time of the season. It does not matter if you are Jan Molby, Harry Kewell or John Arne Riise, newspapers and television stations are always going to be interested in what you have to say about what is happening in and around Anfield. While most ex players always try to be positive about the club no matter how it is  doing some will take the chance to kick the club and certain players when they are down.

This is something I do not see the need for. If a player does bad, he knows it himself. He does not need some ex professional player telling him he has had a shite game. 

One example that annoyed me last season was the infamous Jamie Carragher tweet in regards to Alberto Moreno. Moreno was not having a great season by any stretch of the imagination, according to, Moreno only had two defensive errors in the whole of the 2015/2016 season, he averaged four defensive actions per game. Because of Moreno’s mistakes, the good things he did last season have been forgotten about. Moreno, in the Premier League, won sixty nine tackles in the 2015/2016 season with a success rate of 46%. He made sixty three interceptions, sixty three clearances and five blocks. 

I am sure the last thing he needed to see was Jamie Carragher calling for Liverpool to buy a new left back. Let us not forget Moreno is only twenty four years old, when Carragher was his age, he was far from the finished article. Thankfully for Carragher when he first started playing for Liverpool there was no such social media. His every move on the pitch was not put under the kosh by millions of fans world wide. His many mistakes and own goals were talked about for a day or two on various sports programmes but forgotten about quickly. I would even go as far as to say that because Carragher was from Liverpool, a lot of his mistakes were over looked by fans.

Unfortunately for Moreno, the 2016/2017 started off the way last season finished, him getting caught out of position and making mistakes that occur in goals for the opposition. In saying that according again to in the three games he has played for Liverpool this season in the Premier League he has NOT made any mistakes which occurred in Liverpool conceding a goal.

The abuse Moreno was getting from the fans forced manager Jürgen Klopp to pull him from the team against Burnley and he has only made fleeting appearances since then. He started the game against Derby recently in the League Cup, Moreno did very well. He defended and attacked like the player that Sevilla trusted in La Liga before his move to Liverpool. Will he get credit for that? No. Why because he is the fans scape goat and he will continue to be until he leaves Liverpool. 

I will finish this off by saying some ex players should watch what they say about the current Liverpool players, you know glass houses and stones. 

Written by @TheMoanyOne

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