Klopp – The Brains Behind The Passion

If there’s one thing I love seeing after games, it’s countless Klopp hugs. If I see Klopp hugs, I know we’ve done well. If I see Klopp hugs we’ve battered City, done the impossible against Dortmund, got to a final or beaten Chelsea at the Bridge. Everyone associated with LFC can’t get enough of Klopp hugs.

It’s become clear since day one that Klopp wants a unity and honesty from everyone at the club, from players right to fans. He wants everyone doing the best they can and if they don’t, he will let you know. I’ve seen him dish out a few bollockings to players on the touchline. It doesn’t stop with players either. Not many managers could get away with having a go at the fans the way Klopp did after the Palace game, declaring he felt “alone” when people left early at 2-1 down.

When things go to plan though, nobody is happier than the big German. When we get a good result, every player is embraced. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve been on all game and ran their blood to water or came on with a minute to go, they all get the same treatment. They are all made to feel like the King. Again, it’s the same with the fans too.

When the fans turn up, Klopp appreciates it. Lots was made of Klopp bringing the players over to salute the Kop after the late equaliser against West Brom. In some corners it was ridiculed. If you ask anyone there though, the last ten minutes in that game was the loudest Anfield had been for a year or two, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Klopp brought all of the players over to salute the Kop he had been waiting for in a message I received as ‘thanks for that, same again next time’.

As a result of this, we are seeing improvements on and off the pitch. The players are desperate to do well under Klopp, completely buying into his methods. We are top of distance covered in the league, showing that the team is running their blood to water for their manager. This gives us a chance in every game we play. If you’re outworking the opposition, you always have a chance of doing well. Similarly, the atmosphere has gone from strength to strength since Klopp’s arrival. When I think of Arsenal, United, Dortmund & Villarreal last year, the atmospheres were superb. The atmosphere at Leicester in the opener was promising too. Klopp has got the players grafting and the fans are loudly appreciating it, making Anfield a tough place to go.

Whilst it just appears like a crazy German overly excited after every game, there’s method behind the madness. Klopp knows we can’t go spending £100 million on a player, or pay £150,000 a week wages on six or sevenworld class players. What we can do though, is put together a squad who will work harder than anybody else, and the team spirit he’s building is a massive part of that.

Written by @JackMitchell_5

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