Getting Carried Away Yet?

Five games in and I admit I’m getting carried away. I should know better after years of turning another corner with the reds only to find a brick wall in my way, but let me enjoy this while I can. Arsenal, Tottenham & Chelsea away are three of the toughest away fixtures, and we have been the better teams in all of those games. My optimism is not solely based on our results, there are several factors leading to my early season optimism.


Winning games at this stage of the season is obviously great, but the style with which we have done this is what’s most impressive. Fast, fluid and exciting football is making going the game a real joy again for fans. Our play has been beyond what you could expect for this stage of the season, the new additions have blended and enhanced the team. A lack of European football will allow the team more time to prepare for games and perfect their style of play.


Many fans were disappointed in our transfer window activity, those who were clearly chose to ignore Klopp. He repeatedly told us about only wanting to sign players who were better than what we had, who would add to the team and who WANTED to join the reds. He told us how he doesn’t view the window as we have done previously, an opportunity to bring in lots of new expensive players.

Klopp did make a few key signings though, with the likes of Mane & Wijnaldum exceeding our expectations so far, Matip looks a great find at the back too and I can see our defensive frailties slowly disappearing as he forms a partnership with Lovren. This is without us yet seeing Grujic or Karius in 1st team action.

The win against Chelsea was achieved with several 1st team players not involved, Can, Firmino, Karius, Ings, Sakho, Gomez & Grujic – our squad looks stronger despite many sales in the summer & a net profit from the window.

As fans we are desperate for success, we latch on to any signs of progress and look to help it grow. Our fans are great when things start to look positive, but when things don’t go so well they can be a major unwelcome pressure on the team.

In our recent game against Leicester that appeared to change, following the Lucas error the crowd looked to support him, to lift the team, to energise him & the team to win the game. This could be a key factor as hit the inevitable stumbles this season.


Jürgen Klopp has joined our club and immediately understood what we are about. He has recognised that the club has been accepting of & highly rewarding of, the delivery of mediocrity.

He has helped re-align the clubs mindset to only accept the very best. If a player cannot deliver that for the club then they will either spend their time out of the 1st team (Sturridge/Sakho) or they will be transferred out.

He won’t reward mediocrity. He demands 100% from all of his players. This obsession is contagious and every player knows whats expected of them, and if they don’t deliver then they won’t play. Amazingly he has delivered this without an influx of players, but through a departure of many average players.

Jurgen has been embraced by both the players & fans. Lets be honest, even during his best season there was always something not quite right about Rodgers and Liverpool. He was too corporate, too staged to really connect with the fans. Jurgen could never be accused of this. He gets us, he understands us, he thinks like us.

I know its early days, I know about Burnley, I know about Man City having a 100% win record, I know all this but let me enjoy our moments.

Whatever happens, I am confident that under Jurgen the season won’t be dull

Written by @lebigmc5times

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