Who Do You Hate?

Football is about passion & rivalry – but against some teams we have a little more passion & rivalry than against others. Today I’m attempting to score each Premier League Team in terms of my ‘dislike’ for them. I warn you, I’m not one of those Liverpool supporters with a 2nd Team, its Liverpool or nothing for me so there’s no chance of catching me in a half n half scarf!

Bournemouth – they seem like a decent club, no issues or history for/against them and they play a nice style of football HATE SCORE -1/10

Burnley – Sean Dyches voice is annoying and we lost there recently so Burnley earn a score of 2/10

Watford – Who? Simply because one of our worst performances last season was against them HATE SCORE – 2/10

West Brom – an easily forgettable club, but when you do remember them you think of Tony Pulis and their ‘style’ of football HATE SCORE 2/10

Swansea – A niggly team who seems to want to be everyones friend, but they irritate me because they think they’re better than what they really are – HATE SCORE 3/10

Hull City/Tigers – due to their love affair with fat headed ex-mancs as managers, their annoying owners and a city that wouldn’t look out of place in some Communist country they get a HATE SCORE 4/10

Leicester City – they would have scored a 3/10 but following their recent game at Anfield when their fans continued with that blackboard scratching, unoriginal, NOT hilarious song about Gerrards slip they earned themselves an extra point HATE SCORE 4/10

Southampton – a nothing team when they visit Anfield who turn into world beaters when we play them at St Marys. Considering the amount of money we’ve given them lately they should be nicer to us HATE SCORE 4/10

Middlesbrough – its difficult for me to shake off their time under Bryan ‘VD’ Robson when they suddenly got investment and thought they were world beaters. The game in 2009 when they beat us 2.0 and dented out title hopes also still hurts HATE SCORE 5/10

Sunderland – what a grim place, with a style of football that reflects their city HATE SCORE 5/10

Crystal Palace – Pricks! HATE SCORE 6/10

Stoke – despite claims to the contrary, they are still a 21st Century version of Wimbledon. I’d hate them more only for ‘wee’ Joe Allen, but I can’t forget the manc Hughes being in charge and their 6 fingered following HATE SCORE – 7/10

West Ham – cockney spivs desperately trying to make themselves relevant but only succeeding in making themselves annoying, like a wasp at a picnic. HATE SCORE 7/10

Spurs – used to be able to tolerate Spurs but recently they’ve grown a little too big for their boots. They’re a cup team and nothing more yet their fans actually start to believe the media hype – HATE SCORE 7/10

Arsenal – when did Arsenal become a big club? Why do the media start talking about them like they are relevant on the European stage? They’re not. I never used to dislike Arsenal but their fans treatment of Wenger, alongside their delusion of being important has changed that HATE SCORE 7/10

Manchester City – I should hate them because they’re mancs. I should hate them because they are nouveau riche – but they gain a reprieve because they hate United almost as much as us HATE SCORE – 8/10

Everton – little old Everton. I see them like a little brother, an ugly little skint brother who is envious of his better looking richer brother. Their hatred of us is something to behold. I love to see their bitterness, blaming Liverpool for everything. They have even cuddled up to United in some kind of allegiance against the mighty reds. You’ve got to pity them, not hate them. Pitying them just increases their bitterness towards us………………its beautiful and hilarious! PITY SCORE –10/10

Chelsea – plastic flags, plastic fans, plastic history, their treatment of Rafa, Jose Mourinho, so many reasons. A club I see as the polar opposite of Liverpool. With their Tory MPs supporters alongside their fair weather Sky generation supporters I hate them. HATE SCORE – 9/10

Manchester United – my historical hatred for these goes back well before their recent flirtation with trying to knock us of our perch as Englands most successful club. My hatred of them is a kin to that of Everton fans towards Liverpool………..the irony. Sharp & Vodafone are two brands that will be forever snubbed by me due to their association. I even changed my car after seeing Moyes driving around in the same one when they got sponsored by Chevrolet……………..yes I’m that bad! A despicable club, with a disgusting fan base I froth at the mouth at the thought.

HATE SCORE – 76/10

Written by @lebigmc5times

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