A Bit Of A Blatter!

For the lack of anything structured to write at the moment, I’m going to blather a bit.  This means that my usual digressions are pretty fair game this evening and hopefully I won’t just get bogged down. 

Last week I said I really wanted that bloody big stand to give us an atmosphere worthy of its size.  It did, in spades.  I know that the other Lee (@LeBigMc5Times) is doing a more detailed view of the match day experience, so I’ll not trample too much on that.  I will just say that I hope this wasn’t a one off, that the energy stays the course of the season and many more, and that it doesn’t turn into a haven for the disenfranchised that its predecessor was seen to be.  Don’t get me wrong, there were still a few impatient, moaning gits near me in the top tier.  Especially the two pissed up southern lads who didn’t appear to be watching the same game as the rest of us and giving everyone from Daniel Sturridge to Joël Matip absolute dog’s abuse.  Apparently they’re all shite, including the lad who scored two and the fella that blamed one in the top corner for the second time in four games. I’ll never get why people stump up the money if they hate being there as much as these two.

Anyway. Even Simon Mignolet is looking, well, ok. I’m not going as far as great. He seemed to jump backwards for one cross and end up short of punching it by a yard, but when he actually does punch one it goes a fair way. Even better, he’s remembered how to make a save or two in a game. The only thing I really hold him responsible for this season is the Spurs goal (something that caused a bit of a heated debate between some of the contributors to this fine site, and no doubt will continue to). I just don’t have faith that he’s consistent enough. I also think that Loris Karius gives us more freedom to defend higher up, due to his advanced starting position and foot speed. I may be wrong, keepers with good feet haven’t exactly had a good weekend have they? All the best Claudio lad, all the best (having said that, Joe Hart dropped one in too so you can’t say he’d have done any better). Been an odd weekend for the keepers, Bravo could have been sent off for Manchester City but gets a pass because its Wayne Rooney I think.  Coutois at Chelsea gives away a penalty with his feet, and Peter’s lad gets sent for an Echo by Mané in the build to the fourth goal yesterday. All told, slow and steady doesn’t look so bad.  I do wish the daft bugger could kick a ball though.

Lucas Leiva, the great survivor. God I love the man, and I doubt that anyone else on that pitch gets the backing of the crowd that he gets straight after his cross for Jamie Vardy yesterday. I’m glad that he did. He had three bad touches in the match, two that lead to the Leicester goal and a shinned clearance that almost got as high as the Main Stand roof. Apart from that, I thought he was very good. Hope Dehan Lovren has a steak on that eye mind.

Shall we sing a song for you?” If your name happens to be Jürgen Klopp, the answer is no it seems. For the second time, he has asked the fans not to sing his name during a game. He wants the team to feel the support, not him. A fair point, I can see what he’s driving at but I think he’s slightly off the mark. I wish we had more songs for the players on the pitch than the renditions of the Steve Gerrard song and odes to Luis Garcia and his favourite tipple. They’re not here lads, and I’m not sure it helps our current captain to hear our previous hero’s name every time he drops a bollock. That said, I’m not sure that we sang any songs for Luis when he was here. The people who sing his song now probably hated his guts then. Anyway, I’ll take whatever noise there is whilst we wait for those new songs. 

One last thing then, not a bad start to Anfield life for the season was it? Do that eighteen more times lads. Can we just make sure that the ale pours and the taps in the bogs run by the time Hull get here though? Cheers!

Written by @BigLee01

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