There’s No Place Like Home

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home….”

Test events for the Main Stand non withstanding, this is the first time since the Chelsea game that we’ll have seen the Reds on the fields of Anfield Road.  Christ, it feels like forever.  We’ve gotten about a bit since then, a day out in Switzerland with a hangover the same night as European glory slipped away and planes were delayed.

The prolonged start to the away campaign has meant that the season still doesn’t feel like it has started to me.  I’ve been waiting for Leicester at home since the fixtures came out.  Hearing You’ll Never Walk Alone for the first time this season, seeing what the new stand does for the atmosphere.  Bollocks to the way it looks, how does it feel when there are players on the pitch?  How will Jurgen Klopp set us up?  I want us battering teams at Anfield, batter them, play them off the park in the first twenty and keep the foot on the throat.  It may not happen that way, but I can hope.

There’s a rumour that the coach will be met, much like the European run last season.  Why not?  Make it intimidating before the other team get through that big arse gate. 

For us, the season starts now.  Three away games have given us a set of results that, were they split throughout the season, wouldn’t look as bad as they do now.  Two of those are amongst the hardest we’ll have this year and we took something away.  The other was Burnley, rightly or wrongly I expect us to get beat by a promoted team every season.  I wasn’t shocked, to be fair I was drunk at the brother-in-law’s wedding and avoided the highlights until the build up to the Spurs game.  The season hadn’t started for me properly then.

This Saturday though, it begins.  I rarely set off really early.  I give myself time for a couple of pints before kick-off and am usually in my seat in good time for You’ll Never Walk Alone.  Saturday though I’m getting there early, walking through the park, couple of pints, try to catch the warm up maybe.  My point in all this rambling is that I’m excited, we should all be.  Not for the stand, that’s long overdue and frankly a lovely distraction over the summer.  Now though, there’s football to be played.  Be excited for the start of a season, not the road trip that preceded the International break.  Be loud about it too. 

 In other news, Loris Karius is back in full training.  I look forward to seeing him in goal, I doubt we’ll see him in next couple of games, but the sooner the better.

Written by @BigLee01

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