Calm in the Storm

Last week saw the closure of the transfer window.

An over hyped, ‘Sky Generation’ 6 monthly event.

With an influx of new TV revenue it’s seen a record spend by Premier League clubs of over £1 Billion, with several clubs smashing their own transfer records.

The hysteria has also reached record proportions.

Amongst the mass hysteria stood one man, calm as cucumber – our very own Jurgen Klopp. He was making decisions with his head, looking at what a player would add to the squad rather than satisfying the desire to spend money.

“We need a new Left Back!”

“Where is our new Defensive Midfielder????”


Liverpool fans went into over drive on social media as the window drew to a close.

The owners appear to have bore the brunt of the lynch mob. Why?

Klopp has shown throughout his career that he doesn’t much care for the transfer window – with the initial windows at his clubs being used to remove players who will never make the grade at the club. His philosophy appears to be clear.

Where is the value in paying a player £000’s to sit on the bench? These players will never make it at the club.

Why not place some faith in some of the kids coming through the ranks, let’s see if they will reach the levels required to challenge?

Our squad is stronger than prior to the window, amazingly despite a net profit from this window.

Klopp doesn’t see the value in bringing a player in just to spend the money at his disposal.

We’ve got a history of bringing in players as our 2nd or 3rd choices who have gone on to prove that we should have left them well alone and saved the funds for our top targets. Think Jermaine Pennant, think Robbie Keane or more recently, look at the disaster that was Mario Balotelli.

All of these signings initially satisfied the social media craving for spending cash, but all became a millstone around the neck of the club for months, years afterwards – whilst they were handsomely rewarded for no contribution.

Klopp has gone on record to deride the English mentality around transfers. A unique mentality, one that is not emulated in any league across the rest of the world.

Instead of looking at who we didn’t sign, lets look at what we did do? Or to be more exact, what did Klopp do?

This window has proven to me that Jurgen is in charge of transfers. FSG and their moneyball mentality is no longer the mantra by which we make signings.
2 players costing over £25 million each, Mane, already showing the irony of fans scoffing at his price on social media, that he could prove to be real bargain. Wijnaldum, a 25 year old Dutch international, is yet to shine but I have faith that Klopp will bring the best out in him.

Joel Matip was a player who Klopp has obviously wanted – a free transfer snapped up really early and one that Klopp admitted he would have signed for which ever club he managed.

Matip & Klavan for a combined total of £4.5 million, both appear far superior to 2 outgoings in Skrtel & Toure.

Karius, at just over £4M for the keeper rated 2nd behind Neuer in the Bundesliga, could prove to be real bargain and credible challenger to the error prone Mignolet.

Will any of the outgoings really make our club any weaker? I don’t think so.

In fact, to receive the funds we did for Benteke, Allen, Skrtel, Ibe, Smith etc shows a remarkable upturn in Liverpools transfers dealings. No longer do we roll over and have our tummy tickled.

Klopp is creating a standard that players need to be at to remain at, or join, our club.

He understands there is no value in having players at the club who will not enhance the squad – I applaud that.

Klopp has a real determination to succeed; he wants players and staff around him with the skill & the will to take our club back to the summit again, if a player fails to show both of these qualities he will be moved on.

The club requires a re-build from its foundations. We need to. For too many years we have been trying to buy 70 inch plasmas televisions whilst ignoring the fact that our roof needs replacing.

It won’t be a quick turnaround, we will have some ups and downs along the way. It’s a long road but one in which Klopps philosophy will ultimately leave our club in a much stronger position for the many years to come.

I agree with that philosophy.

Written by @LeBigMc5Times

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