A Work In Progress

So the Transfer Window will close and Liverpool f.c. have managed to keep their hands firmly in those very deep pockets….good business or are they saving up for a rainy day? Only time will tell. Of course every club needs players and panic buying doesn’t always work but if I’m not very much mistaken we managed to buy Suarez on the last day,good old Brendan and his knack of spotting a bargain and what an incredible talent he was…Suarez I mean not Rodgers lol.

Klopp not buying a full back is still baffling and unexplainable to most of Liverpool fans at a time when we desperately need one, if Moreno isn’t deemed good enough at left back then surely it’s time to buy another one or blood one of our Academy players for the position after all it’s a natural progression from youth to first team if good enough re Gerrard,Carragher etc.

The New stand will be open soon and what an incredible sight it is,of course money was found by FSG to fund this but what is more important to the fans and the city How the club looks or success on the pitch? another debatable question could be why was the new stand built anyway and the answer could lie in the Chinese consortium buying us out…..new stand included and with a very tidy profit for the owners too which is why they are in business in the first place to make money,the solution will be solved very soon possibly before Christmas, but If we are sold how would this affect the club as a whole? 

Would there be megabucks to spend on quality players,could we get players to come to the club a anyway,will ticket prices rise? It’s all very exciting for Klopp and I’m sure he will revel in it as it’s another step forward for everyone.

Now back to matters on the pitch or in Sakhos case events off it, Liverpool have always had a policy of no one is bigger than the club which are the reasons we dont have Suarez anymore,Balotelli isn’t playing and Sakho will probably be out on his ear soon, If players don’t conform at Anfield then it’s a very short career for them,we have always had this policy under every manager and that’s the way it should be too,it’s a professional business and should be treated as one.

Our position at the moment is we have to knuckle down to what’s in front of us with a long hard season ahead,no European football,a possible takeover, a great manager in Klopp and in all honesty an average team and squad,but it is what it is so let’s get on with it and if the team or management need criticizing that’s fine(twitter can be cruel sometimes) but within reason and lets also remember to give them credit too when needed…

Written by @HarryRoan

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