Let’s Talk Lallana

After reading numerous tweets and some texts aimed my way I wanna talk about Adam Lallana, personally I don’t rate him and never have, that’s just my opinion which we are all entitled to as many have expressed theirs in telling me I’m wrong an that he’s class and offers the team so much…. So I want to know, so much what? 

Signed from our feeder club in 2014 a lot of fans were over the moon with it, myself, I sat back an had a think, as prior to the season we bought him (which a good one for Southampton) I’ll be honest, with not being a saints fan I’d never heard of him. Now, given his age when we got him it sort of made me think how good can he be then? At 26 when we bought him some would argue (myself included) that that’s a prime age for a midfielder, imagine what we would give for a 26 year old Stevie now, anyway i digress.

For me it’s pretty simple, Lallana is a very skilful player I’m not doubting that but what’s good is having the tools but not doing nothin with them?? He’s played over 60 times now for us and for a player who I keep getting told is class a return of 10 goals for an attacking midfielder/winger is poor.

Now this is where me an others don’t see eye to eye, too many times he dallys on the ball doin daft flicks or turns on the half way line and fans lap it up, but I like to see more from players, go past a couple whip in a good ball, put a good through ball in for someone to ur onto it doesn’t happen, or if it does it’s very sporadic an for a player of his ability it should have been happening a hell of a lot more than it has.

Klopp himself yesterday (22/08) made reference about us (fans) being obsessed with the Transfer Window, he also made reference to us not believing you can train a player to be a better player, with regard to Lallana at 28 years old, I think he still lacks that killer pass, that great final ball into the box and for me, if he hasn’t got it now, he never will, but what do I know? 

Written by @ChrisHurst_

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