Back Down To Earth With A Bang

After last weeks nail biting win at the Emirates this week seen the Reds travel to Turf Moor game 2 of 3 away fixtures due to the main stand not yet completed and what a shambles of a game it was.

Burnley last beat us in 1973 at their ground but on Saturday they were worthy winners because as we all saw Liverpool did a Liverpool. I watched the game in town with a few of the lads and was frustrated from the off, the team looked like they’d never played with each other before, they all looked lethargic an way off the pace. I won’t go on too much as this isn’t a match report more a small piece on what we are lacking still.

After the win against Arsenal fans were buzzing but at the same time were still pointing on what we need player wise. I tweeted a few times myself but what I can’t get my head round is, what me, you and every other red can see, and have done since last season, we desperately need a left back! I don’t believe for one second that manager Jürgen Klopp is happy with Alberto Moreno and if not then more than happy to play James Milner there, really Jürgen??

What I will say about last weeks win is the amount of messages I got off people giving me shit about Adam Lallana, those close to me know I don’t like him, a very unpopular opinion of mine that it seems, so lots took great pleasure in pointing out how well he played and I’m wrong, but where was this class Lallana yesterday?? Same goes for Firmino and Philippe “I’ll shoot from anywhere” Coutinho. It was a sharp reality check for some fans and a reminder of how hard this season is going to be.

Too many players at the club are consistently inconsistent and its a massive worry a for me, if we want to be considered genuine title contenders (which for me, we are nowhere near) these so called world class players need to up their game, it’s a small club mentality raising their performance levels against big teams and not puttin a shift in against the lesser sides. There’s still a couple weeks left before the window shuts, we can all see where the team needs strengthening so let’s hope for all our sakes this gets addressed or as harsh as this sounds after only 2 games in, I can see this being a very tough season ahead.

Written by @ChrisHurst_

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