Expectations Of A Liverpool Fan

Hello again all, well after beating Arsenal 4-3 last week in the opening game of the season in this piece I’d like to discuss what I think would be a realistic season for the Reds this year.

First and foremost, last season, we can all agree was just woeful, I know some will say, but Liverpool got to 2 finals, but personally I couldn’t care less, because we didn’t win either of them so it counts for nothing in my eyes, sorry if that’s a bit hypercritical, some will say that it’s a step in the right direction at least, and I’ll admit that it is but still not good enough. I’m also well aware it was Jürgen Klopps first season. Do you know what done my head in most about last season? 

The amount of fans who were full of praise for Klopp after 6-1 win against Southampton and the wins against Manchester City and Chelsea, saying how amazing he was but then against Watford and Newcastle away it was all down to ex manager Brendan Rodgers and the shite he left Klopp with, it baffled me how some had this mindset. Now though Klopp has brought his own players in and shifted out some of the deadwood so let’s see how he gets on.

The players that Klopp has brought in are by no means superstars, but as I’ve previously been told on Twitter, he makes superstars he doesn’t sign them. Loris Karius looks like a great buy, very commanding in the box which is something we’ve definitely lacked in Simon Mignolet. One player though who has stood out for me has been Marko Grujic, I, like most probably, have high hopes for this kid and from what we’ve seen, albeit against weaker opposition he’s looked like an excellent buy.

So what are our expectations?? Top 6?? Top 4?? Or flat out top??? With no European football this season to distract the team can we “do a Leicester” can we finally being back the Premer League trophy back to Anfield?? I really hope so. Roll on the new season! 

Written by @ChrisHurst_

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