Torres Claims He Felt Betrayed in New LFC Book

Ex Liverpool striker and fan favourite Fernando Torres is quoted yesterday as saying he was portrayed as a “traitor” by FSG after he moved to Chelsea 5 years ago in a £50 million move.

Torres goes on to say that he felt “betrayed” by the club when it was leaked publicly that he verbally requested to leave Anfield in January 2011.

In a new book by Simom Hughes called “Ring of Fire: Liverpool FC into the 21st Century – The Players’ Stories”, Torres speaks about meetings he held with both Christian Purslow in the summer of 2010 and Frenchman Damien Comolli in November 2010. Torres states in the book that he wanted to know if the club were looking to sell him due to the ongoing financial problems, Liverpool were experiencing at the time. He goes on to claim that Purslow told him that no high value players were going to be sold to keep Liverpool’s value high ahead of a possible takeover.
Torres goes on to say he was frustrated when shortly after meeting with Purslow Argentinian Javier Mascherano was sold to Spainish side Barcelona.

When New England Sports Ventures (later to become Fenway Sports Group) eventually bought Liverpool from George Gillet and Tom Hicks Liverpool initiated a new structure within the club. First to arrive was Damien Comolli and then the appointment of Kenny Dalglish in place of the sacked Roy Hodgson. In the book Torres goes on to say that Comolli told him that the new owners (FSG), “They had an idea of how to spend their investment, They wanted to bring in young players, to build something new. I was thinking to myself, this takes time to work. It takes two, three, four, maybe even 10 years. I didn’t have that time. I was 27 years old. I did not have time to wait. I wanted to win. Here we are five years later and they are still trying to build – around the same position in the league as when I left.”

The Spainard admits to Hughes his unhappiness about possibly leaving Liverpool, something he claims was discussed with manager Kenny Daglish at the time, Torres cloaks the conversation only happened after Liverpool started to privately negotiated with Chelsea. Once it was announced publicly that there was a willingness from himself to consider leaving become public, through a leak from the club, Torres states “This changed the view of everybody, including myself, it was presented as if I was a traitor, was not like this in the discussion(s). Liverpool could not admit they were doing something wrong with the whole team. They had to find a guilty one.”

While the above quotes seem to indicate that Torres still feels very bitter about his move from Liverpool to Chelsea, I find it hard to believe. Mainly due to his comments after he signed for Chelsea above Chelsea been a bigger club than Liverpool and the comments from Steven Gerrard in his book where he says he begged Torres to stay but he wouldn’t.

While we’ll never know the ins and outs of what happened in January 2011 between Torres and Liverpool, for both the move was a good one. Torres was in decline, from my own observations it looked like he had fallen out of love with football. Liverpool got £50 million and used some of that money to buy Luis Suarez.

While fans can only dream about what a Suarez – Torres striking pairing would have been like, I very much doubt Torres would have started too many games under Brendan Rodgers and would have eventually left the club regardless.

Written by Aaron Cawley (@themoanyone)

Quotes from Liverpool Echo 

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