My Starting XI For Arsenal | @ChrisHurst__

So here it is, the day we’ve been waiting for and writing about for weeks is finally here. Arsenal away always a massive game, and given are start we need to hit the ground running playing 3 away from home due to the main stand getting its final touches before Leicester visit on September 10th.

So who gets the nod, who’s in your starting 11? For what it’s worth here’s how I’d line up against the Gunners:

Mignolet –  Not everyone’s favourite, not even mine but with the injury to Karius, we can’t afford to start Manninger.

Clyne – Mr. Reliable for me, comes on the pitch does his job gets off, can’t ask for more.

Lovren – Again not a fan favourite but you can’t argue that under klopp he has improved. And for me, not gonna be a popular choice but next club captain. I really believe Lovren will have a excellent season for us.

Klavan, not even gonna pretend to know much about the Estonian, looked reasonably okay in pre season and with Sakho not featuring he has to play.

Head in hands time; at left back, Moreno, what can I say about him that hasn’t already been said. He needs to up his game sharpish if he has any chance of staying with the Reds.

Moving onto the midfield:

Can, now for me Can is another player who I expect big things from this season, a lot of fans rave about him but I’m not convinced as yet, still has a lot to learn but this kid can be a Liverpool great if he keeps his head down an listens to his gaffer.

Henderson, absolute workhorse of a player, but is it enough for him to keep the armband, or even at the club? Wrote off by a few Reds I know as being nowhere near good enough, but for me I like him, his going in!

Mané, again like Klavan I’ll be honest I didn’t know much about him as I didn’t watch many Southampton games but he looks like he’s gonna be the real deal for us, pace, power and knows where the back of the net is.

Coutinho, aka the little magician, I was going to write an article on him few weeks back but went with something else. The Brazilian consistently inconsistent. Now again probably a very unpopular opinion but for me he doesn’t do it enough and like Can if he wants to be a true great he has to do it more often.
Lallana, a few of my mates know I’m far from Lallana’s biggest fan, very little end product from him far to often but I think he can link up well with our other attackers and in particular my last player…

Firmino, when he first come here again being a pessimist there was something I wasn’t sure if with him, but I think he’s come on leaps and bounds and can only get better the more games he plays in this league.

So there it is, with the injuries we have that’s how I’d like to see us line up v Arsenal, time will tell if Jürgen agrees like.

Clyne Lovren Klavan Moreno
Lallana Henderson Can Countino

Written by Chris Hurst (@ChrisHurst_)

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