My Starting XI Against Arsenal Next Weekend | @StephenKing75

As of today’s date Friday the 5th of August, this is the team I would pick to start against Arsenal in next weekend’s pending game of the Premier League.


Clyne, Lovren, Klavan, Milner

Can, Henderson 

Firmino, Coutinho, Mané 


Now I have to also say that when all players are fit I would choose Loris Karius and Joël Matip as starters in place of Alex Manninger and Ragner Klavan (maybe).

I chose Alex Manninger over Simon Mignolet as I simply do not trust Mignolet now at all to instill confidence in those in front of him, even with the simplest of catches or blocks. His latest episode against AS Roma in the Champions Cup where he fell over when he should have been coming out to clear house and take no prisoners was the last straw as far as I’m concerned with him. Chance after chance comes and goes for him yet we do not get the response you’d expect from a good keeper.

I would have also chosen Joël Matip only just mind you over Ragner Klavan but as he’s not fully fit at the time of writing this I wouldn’t throw him in the deep end either. Although I do expect in the first few weeks for him to get his chance and cement his place in the starting 11.

For me Emre Can is going to be a central player for Liverpool this season and he will need someone there beside him he knows has the engine and ability to cover him and get forward also into the box from deep and late. For me Jordan Henderson has this ability in spades and after a successful rehab process with his foot injury he might just be ready again to show what he can do when unhindered in that regard.

With 3 players in front of him that will swap and interplay amongst themselves, Henderson could thrive in the open spaces in front of him this season. As to might Marko Grujic when he gets game time as he has showed already. A big powerful lad that likes to raid in front of himself when the chance arrives.

On that note our new midfield seems to be coming together with an obvious emphasis on forward movement. Both running and passing, not like the last few seasons when we seemed to be dogged by continual sideways passing at times in tight closed off games.

Up front my 4 players kind of pick themselves I think. With movement,creativity, running and improving finishing they seem to be ready to go.

As of now I’m very excited to see just what Sadio Mané  brings to the table in terms of assists and breakaway chances for himself and others with his electric pace.

That’s my starting 11 anyway.

Obviously there are a few names on the bench that will offer huge options in terms of attack and midfield which is all good to see and is a huge bonus for us now.

You will probably notice reading this I’ve not mentioned the Arsenal selection once. That’s true and it’s simply because I’d love us to start our best 11 on the day and focus on our game and strengths. Send out a clear message to others and to our supporters that we are here to be taken seriously this season. As such we will be setting out our stall every week to go get the goals and when we can’t we will change it up and go forward with players from the bench that are raring to go and prove themselves.

Klopp seems to be getting the message out he’s ready and expects his players to be ready from the start also and this season he won’t be accepting any excuses at all.

Its positive and like his game it’s full of energy and desire. Let’s hope he gets the response we all need and get back to ripping teams apart in the first half like we did a few seasons ago.

Written by @StephenKing75

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