New Striker Anyone?

Does Jürgen Klopp need a need striker? Certainly if Christian Benteke goes as is widely being reported it will leave a huge gap in the squad that will need to be filled.

Although Benteke did not get the playing time he wanted last season at Anfield and all indicators this summer point to him leaving, he is nevertheless a talented player who will flourish at the right club. One that will play to his strengths more. From the moment Klopp took control it seemed he just did not fancy adopting a system of play that would benefit Benteke. He prefers a mobile striker who can adapt on the pitch to movement changes and still keep involved in the game effectively. This was just never one of Benteke’s strengths to begin with.

So if Benteke leaves I do not think Klopp will leave the ambition of both himself and the club in the hands of a regularly injury prone top class striker and two young talented but otherwise yet to be proven strikers. Danny Ings and Divock Origi, undoubtedly have huge talent and potential but Klopp might just feel he needs to bolster his options here and in doing so go for a proven striker with the mobility he likes. Outgoings this summer will give him the chance to sign one of those kind of strikers although who that would be is not totally clear.

Klopp seems to like his mobile interchanging attacking midfield but he also knows in games these do tend to provide chances that need putting away with a more regular efficiency. One of the problems last season was the amount of good chances created that were not converted regularly enough. So with this in mind I would be pleased to see a new striker arrive at Anfield that can play right up top in the box with a killer instinct and a greedy selfish streak as. A thing Robbie Fowler, Ian Rush, John Aldridge and Michael Owen always had. We need one that only thinks of the goal when he sees the whites of the posts ahead of him. A killer.

Luis Suarez is the last example Liverpool have had of that and it was no coincidence that Daniel Sturridge started to look at his best also in that period. Question is, who would Klopp like to have as a new striker and will he get his man?

Let’s all hope so, as it is a huge season for Liverpool’s strikers in terms of goals obviously but also in learning what else is expected of them. Something which I don’t think suits every striker. As Benteke found out to his cost unfortunately for him.

Written by Stephen King (@stephenking75)

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